Facebook said it blocked the pages belonging to the group and its two leaders after they continued to post content that violated the site’s rules.

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    6 replies to "Facebook blocks far-right group Britain First"

    • apologiamixer

      For the past few days we have watching as numerous Christian groups have been not just disciplined by Facebook for speech unbecoming of their standards but now have be canceled all together. Several people recently have been banned entry to the UK and some have spent many hours being interrogated at customs before being given the boot for being outspoken critics of Allah's little helpers. Britain First had their FB account terminated. We announced yesterday on FB that Tommy Robinson was going to be delivering a message at Speaker's Corner in London regarding those who have been banned by the British government for being critical of Islam.

      We brought this to the attention of a local Assemblies of God pastor on FB who was having a prayer meeting hoping he would bring this up to his prayer group. Instead he deleted our post and wrote us privately that he did not agree with our method of ministry claiming it was not showing the love of Christ. That was very loving of him. Apparently only his kind of prayer needs are valid.

      Well this morning we (in America) were put on lock down by Facebook for 30 days for being critical of Islam.
      Dale and Peggy Brown

    • Mark Pickering

      Freedom of speech is dead r.i.p

    • apologiamixer

      Expose the lies of Muhammad
      Al-Anfal or The Spoils of War Surah 8

      One whole chapter or surah of the Quran is dedicated to pillage and the spoils of war. Muhammad had conceived the idea of attacking an unarmed caravan headed to Mecca from Syria. It starts with "They will question thee (Muhammad) about the spoils of war. Say: The spoils are Allah's and the messenger's (Muhammed). The believers are only those who when Allah is mentioned feel a fear in their hearts and when his verses are recited unto them…

      Muhammad was big on terrorizing people. A few verses later we read I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike off their heads then, and strike off from them their fingers and toes. (Surah 8:12) But don't worry you will not be held accountable for the dastardly deed for the Quran tells us, "You killed them not, but Allah killed them." (Surah 8:17)

      "No prophet hath been enabled to take captives until he had made a great slaughter in the earth." (Surah 8:67)

      "So enjoy what you have gotten of war booty, which is lawful and good, and fear Allah. Certainly, Allah is forgiving and merciful." (Surah 8:69) Muhammad took Safiyah as a sex slave after murdering and pillaging the town of Khaybar.

      So there you have it in a nutshell. Allah and his prophet Muhammad are forgiving and merciful unless you have something they want.

    • Mark Jones

      The Leftists on Facebook think a multi-cultural world will look like the Epcot Center in Disneyworld. However, all the most multicultural nations are horrible to live in: Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Syria, Uganda, Liberia, and China.

    • Carlos Curioso

      R.I.P Britain/Europe

    • Voice of Reason

      Maybe they wouldn't have been banned if they were more in line with their government, and called themselves "Britain Last."

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