Former Israeli UN rep says Israel needs to ‘finish the job’ and eliminate Hamas

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Avi Yemini hears from Israel’s former Permanent Representative to the UN, Danny Danon, who says that follow Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7, it’s time to “finish the job” and eliminate the terror organization.
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24 gedachten over “Former Israeli UN rep says Israel needs to ‘finish the job’ and eliminate Hamas

  1. Same as you against giving the platform to Hamas, you shouldn't be giving platform to this bandit, who are openly saying they are going to do war crimes expelling Gaza citizens again.

  2. Ate you talking about expelling Gaza citizens from their land again? This is a war crime that you admit to going to commit.

  3. After Israel liberates Gaza the Palestinian population needs to be deported to the West Bank. It is simply too dangerous to allow Gaza to remain in Palestinian hands.

  4. nothing but pro war propaganda? looks like im unsubbing and blocking rebels news good bye. it was fun before you became the same monster you claim to be fighting against

  5. "To find the Tyrant simply see who you are not allowed to criticize."… Strange that Palestine was peaceful and prosperous before 1948… 🤔

  6. I think that this particular war between Israel and Palestine (Hamas) has been inspired by the same small circle of people like the local war between Russia and Ukraine.

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