One of the founding members of Oathkeepers claims that the way things are going that their will be civil war in America. Not if but when!

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    16 replies to "Founding Oathkeeper Says Civil War Is Imminent"

    • Fluky Morrow

      The conservatives are too much of a pussy to ever have a civil war. Go ahead and come to my house and prove me wrong fags. 153 n w front st Phoenix AZ

    • Arctic Ice

      FEMA camps are ready and open for business, Obama did America a favour, now put his supporters in them.

    • Rhonda clark

      Obama did this. Illegals. Muslims. Africans blacks. White genocide world wide

    • LC MARK

      Sign me up Oathkeepers.

    • Bob Best

      the sooner you imbeciles start a civil war the sooner you die and the better off the country will be.

    • fee carmichael

      "civil war is guaranteed" wow this guy is a nutcase

    • cramsa

      ANTIFA THUGS looking to start a war, gona be crow food if they keep this shit up.

    • Richard Norris

      God Bless Jay Stang and the Oath Keepers! Join now!

    • Mike will

      For Anyone going to the Rally in San Francisco or Berkeley Black and Mexican Gangs are coming for all over California and Arizona and their leaders have told them to "HUNT" for anyone attending and "Deal with" Alt Right, KKK, NAZI, White Nationalists The Police have stated they are going to search All of the Alt right People and remove anything that could be a weapon If they are "Hunting" you all they have to do is follow you to your hotel or if you stop These Gangs don't mind going to Prison

    • Michael Agoston

      These punks on the Left had better pray to God we don't get tired of their little protests…because if the day ever comes and we cut loose on them I actually feel sorry for them.

    • decadepast decadepast

      The Oathkeepers are a radical right wing group that claims to be bipartisan. Just like Info Wars.

    • Scott McLaughlin

      is that his rape whistle?

    • Brian D


    • donald walsh

      masked kids mom has His cookies and milk back at the car. she drove him there

    • Adam Burke

      Let's mop the streets with these fucks

    • Dylan O'Malley

      Communists burnt down the Mosques in their countries. Ever hear of the Uyghurs in China? Soviet War in Afghanistan? Communists and Muslims were not best friends you dumbass.

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