At this years World Economic Forum in Davos there was no shortage of issues to be discussed: trade disputes, climate change and the political and economic impact of the upcoming Brexit. If Britain didn’t manage a smooth exit from the European Union the head of Goldman Sachs warned that the banking giant would scale down investment in the UK. He thereby mirrored this years underlying sentiment in Davos: a lot of concern, but few real answers. And it is there that Billionaire investor George Soros had some strong words for the Chinese president. Mr. Soros called President Xi Jinping “the most dangerous enemy” of free societies, saying that China’s ‘social credit system’ would give Mr. Xi total control over his people. Beijing is currently developing a facial recognition system which Mr. Soros says would enable the government to use algorithms to determine how big a threat an individual poses to the regime. He also said U-S tech giants like Facebook needed to be reined in for the sake of democracy.

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    13 replies to "George Soros: China is ‘most dangerous’ to open societies | Davos 2019"

    • nikos rig

      I didn't inform myself I'm sorry ! i thought that we purge the average people in favor of (")minorities("). Mr Soron send me a memo explaining who are we purge each particular time

    • Antonio Ribeiro

      funny. I always thought it was you.

    • gus saxon

      They meet yearly and every year the world becomes more dangerous while people live in less and less security.

    • ecd14u

      We don't need you CEO's to run our country's thank you! get ready for war if you do!

    • Peta Gonkyi

      True. China is the evil empire who hates human rights and free speech

    • Jim Smith


    • Jaymon Hotz

      The end of the Chinese Empire is at hand. Created by the Soviet Union seventy years ago and sustained by the United States for the last forty years it can never exist on its own because capitalism with Chinese characteristics(communism) does not work. As US support is withdrawn China is attempting to follow the North Korean model to fend off the inevitable dissolution of the Chinese state. They have appointed Xi God Emperor. He has murdered hundreds of his political rivals, thousands of perceived enemies and imprisoned millions of potential threats. The Chinese Communist party is the greatest killer the world has ever known. There will be death. There will be destruction. Nothing can save China. Hopefully something better will replace it.

    • martin pillsbury

      xi is absolutely dictator who is ruining china variously,chinese living in orwellian society with huawei CCTV.but unfortunately tame chinese never knows the demonstration for their human rights.

    • K triple R triple

      As an African I'd like to see many Africans migrating in China and not in Europe
      New colonial master
      You will see the deference between being in China or in Europe.
      Europeans had been so nice for decades

    • Adolf hitler

      I must say usa is far ahead of my propoganda

    • Net Rhyda

      What's the old fossil fomenting now?

    • Abominable Snowman

      The tide is against the "Davos man".

    • French Man

      Why is it that the people seeking solutions to the world's problems are always the source of the world's problems?

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