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    22 replies to "Global Warming – A Scam To Introduce Agenda 21/30 – David Icke"

    • The Future Is Here

      If you fell for Global Warming, you also fell for the world ending on Y2K, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus
      You're a natural mark!

    • Mick Mcgarrity

      Its bellow Zero Fahrenheit 4 months per year where I live and its been this way as long as we had temperature measurement devices an written records (about 200 years). Will someone please crank up the Carbon a bit?
      Its cold here!

    • Baba Boo

      I have never bought into global warming

    • Barbara Machado

      the reptilians wish the palnet to ne hotter because they need it…… they are trying to stop the global colling but they cant

    • Bris Vegas

      Hi David, I love your work but I have to disagree with you when it comes to global warming. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the summers are getting hotter each year with more and more days of higher temperatures and if I look back on the historical data of temperatures in Brisbane 10-30 years ago it suggests that the summers are getting warmer each year and each summer surpasses the previous summer – other parts of Australia are having dreadful heatwaves of 40+ degrees for weeks on end in some of the put back regional towns and cities. Also the world just recorded it highest ever overnight minimum temperature on record of 43 degrees in Algeria. Also please remember the 2018 European drought and heat wave was a period of unusually hot weather that led to record-breaking temperatures and wildfires in many parts of Europe during the spring and summer of 2018.

    • Amelia S

      The climate in Australia IS changing. But natural or not , our appetite for consumption and production is gonna bite us in the arse. That is not the fault of any politician.
      Don't blame anyone else for all the plastic in your cupboard and factory farmed meat in your fridge. We want decent caretakers, but long as we live like insatiable consumers, well, u figure it out

    • Wicked 420

      We trade Air with plants šŸŒ±!!!!!!!

    • Wicked 420

      2019 freezing šŸ„¶ in Cleveland FEB 13

    • carlos guitarman

      Come to Australia David if you donā€™t believe in global warming! Co2 is not the problem, itā€™s methane!

    • managarm1349

      you lost me with chemtrails

    • managarm1349

      1st year in usa without any major tornados and the enormous carnage they cause. how many times have you heard that story in the MM? oh zero times? i wonder why.
      record low temperature all over the world (i.e. europe and north america, cause honestly, who gives a shit about the other "countries")
      melting ice at the poles that is growing rather than shrinking.
      the church of climate change is developing a few cracks here and there

    • Myro Clydo

      I remember them dropping the points in the block buster movie, Day after Tomorrow about how global warming works. Then you also get climate control spray our skies with chemicsl crap, they've been scewing with it since the 50's. But basic weather ranges haven't changed in decades. The Earth will from time to time change in climate due to where we are in the sokar system, universe.
      However I do not want to go back to coughing my guts up on coal powered smogs. I prefer a wind turbine to that shit. For that I think you're talking out of your arse Dave. Civil service, yes, just watch Yes Minister, it's all there. We know who runs things and it's not the dickheads in Westminster, there mere puppets.

    • Yvonne Hyatt
    • Michael Parkinson

      Why waste time informing the population with these facts .The sheep have been brainwashed since birth they will never get off their backsides to do shit .

    • Chris Fryer

      nut job party

    • tea for 2

      AV9 – Alex Thomson – INVENTORS of EVIL THINGS … https://youtu.be/2aaDr6joUdc

    • Jane L

      Dems are so stupid.

    • SweetSmoke21

      NASA makes false datas.

    • 1agentflick

      Global warming was created by weather geoengineering – https://youtu.be/Nn-nApdpVNw

    • xAndrzej42

      I know people who believe in global warming, biggest idiots out there. I'm happy to see them freeze in that global warming.

    • sandra kairis

      Global changes have happened over, and over for thousands of years. A few hundred years ago Europe had a mini ice age that lasted for about 3 years, many starved to death, yet science can not explain why it happened. The planet is a living thing subject to change over the years, as it has many times over. The Sahara Desert was once a lush area where people lived, and it had lakes, change came all on its own and turned it into a bairn desert. There were no cars or factory's, and not billions of people, yet climate happened because it is normal.

    • Game on 2019

      Essentially they want an excuse for a global tax

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