President Donald Trump shares Fourth of July message – President Donald Trump Weekly Address to the Nation – July 4, 2018 – President Trump Press Conference – 7/4/2018


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    23 replies to "‘Happy Independence Day!’ President Trump’s 2018 Independence Day Message"

    • Andy davies

      We love you here in Great Britain. <3

    • Elyse Winne

      You have all my respect and love President Trump! We are all here with you!

    • b a

      Sale fils de pute . #retouralenvoyeur

    • Quốc Thảo Trịnh

      Congratulations on the American Independence Day! God bless you, Sir president.
      The America great again is a sign of peace in the world.

    • jon snow

      Stupid shit ?

    • Felixican 77

      Stop being racist puto..

    • WINNER

      Thank you Mr. President. Make America Great Again . I'm always with you.

    • Thang Laka

      Malays of southern Thailand also want their Sultan land gained Independence from Thai's colony.
      POTUS should help them to achieve their decades-dream, like the way US Government helped Burma to get back eastern part of Burma, briefly colonized by Thailand in connivance with then Japan's Tojo Government.

    • Home Brewed Vapes

      God bless you and your family Mr. President! And God bless this beautiful land we call home, America! I pray it will all come together one day, united we stand, divided we fall. I love what this gentleman has done for this country and its people and can't remember when I've ever been excited to see what a president is going to do next. MAGA!

    • Dave Bentley

      MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Release the 911 documents and JFK assassination documents too. We have to know and they have to go !!!!!!!!!

    • Robert Suhrer

      Awesome. Didn't sound racist to me libs…

    • You Tuber

      "America" is not a country. Everyone from the Arctic islands of Canada to Tierra Del Fuego is American.

    • mason yahn

      Wow this man president Trump is a great hero to Americans who has done more for America than any president in history and we the people and vast majority back him 100%!!!

    • ShAdOwMaN


    • v8 dave

      Whatever Terrorist America….Your Nothing But World Cowards…Russia/China still waiting you Coward Shit Nation…YES THEY ARE…Coward America

    • sam newcome

      Thanks for pre recording a message and going on vacation Mr President.

    • Jon Jeys

      I am so thankful that you are president. I was in the military under Reagan I would gladly do it again under you if I could

    • Vlodec

      Isn't it wonderful? And the best part is knowing he's not hugging that flag because he knows it'll go down well with his supporters. Nope, he really loves his country. He loves it so much he'd have gone and fought for it had it not been for the 4 college deferments he was forced to take and the 5th for bone spurs, which he obviously couldn't do anything at all about: except surgery I suppose.

      I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out what Putin's new orders will be.

    • GTA Military

      Thank you, Mr. President!

    • white guy

      We are not independent. Ask the jew owned retard Trump.

    • bella50008

      We love you President Trump!

    • James D. Wheeler

      Hump the flag you gross Moron! impeach 45

    • Roy Paris

      Ha God ain’t gonna bless us! Fuken commie lover hugging the flag ……what a fake bastard!

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