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    14 replies to "How the George Soros conspiracy theory keeps popping up on Fox networks"

    • patricia clifton

      Evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vsaluki R

      This is how propaganda sources like the WP roll. They use the word conspiracy as a way to embarrass you and manipulate you, not as a way of getting to the truth.

    • kalid Al xayyari

      My grandma used to say refusing the bully what they're used to is dangerous! Here white people are used to bullying minorities and now it's not working for them, so white warmongering addiction is leaving painful withdrawal. It's law of nature check it out

    • John Forbes

      NOT a THEORY – Listen to his posts – He says immigrants are the solution & open borders is the direction given to the EU & he also advises illegals on how to get in & lie to the Police & border protection! NO CONSPIRACY – VERY ILLEGAL ACTS!!! ALL anti PEOPLE & DEMOCRACY!!!

    • suburben yobbo

      Soros also funds the Best for Britain anti Brexit pressure group.

    • davidpar2

      And here we have the msm, continuing to suck soros’ d*ck

    • Ray Milligan

      the washington Post Loves Soros and his Destroy America Agenda !

    • Aurumk1

      Now I will bet in the near future he will try to sell suk-35's that will blow up on the tarmac and russia will come in and take over.

    • Laurent Porter

      So, (as we know now, by Jan 2019) some folks on Facebook pay PR agencies to create conspiracy stories and have them pushed through right-wing blogs etc. – and a network like FOX News buys them!?? – That's a funny sort of modern "journalism", ey?

    • Richard Head111

      Soros is the Devil.

    • nick atanassov

      Conspiracy ….? Hahahahahaha, my arss. Thanks internet , we know the truth . Ask Hungary , Macedonia , Ukraine , Russia , hmmmm conspiracy. He is the front man of the globalist mafia.

    • Bela Fekete

      Another Pro Soros video put together and paid for by George Soros.

    • truckeemick

      there is no conspiracy in regards to soros. its facts and the washington post is all fake. if it were lies soros would sue, but he dosnt. he keeps his head low because he knows his end is near.

    • freddie stewart

      The Evil Soros is no longer a secret weapon in the corner. Soros is a house hold name because of the Internet and he does not like it. The Western Media are in a frenzy
      trying to brainwash the population that Soros had nothing to do with all the bullshit going on in the USA! Soros is even putting pressure on the tech companies to censure the Internet!

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