George Soros, a billionaire Democratic fund-raiser, has long been villainized in certain right-wing circles. Now conspiracy theories about him have gone mainstream, to nearly every corner of the Republican Party.

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    28 replies to "How Vilification of George Soros Moved From the Fringes to the Mainstream | NYT News"

    • Vin Commons

      He is a woman.

    • Vin Commons

      He worked for Hitler and loved his work!

    • Latin Knuckles

      May that son of a b***'s burn in h**

    • Carl Balliet


    • Eric Mendez

      Fringe? Why are Only white trump supporters bieng shown? There are a bunch of Latino and black trump supporters. I guess this video would lose it’s propagandist firepower if the truth was shown.

    • Greg Mccumber

      Is this all it takes to fool the left??? " There no proof of this… There's no proof of that"… Lol, lefties are simpletons that form beliefs based on emotions and feelings…..
      Deceiving liberals is like fooling a group of 3rd graders .. EASY.

    • James Gortner

      NYT serving more Soros koolade

    • alex kelly read em and weep doubters

    • alex kelly

      i have seen the soros interview where he openly admitted working with the nazis as a child and he actually enjoyed it , if you like soros you are either sick or stupid or a combination of the two

    • STEREO Freq

      lol This video's title actually uses the word, "vilification," with regard to George Sorros? Sorry commutards, but his actions earned him the status of "villain." You literally can't "vilify" a "villain," without being redundant, you can only recognize him as what he is. Seems he really set a precedent for himself as a young man when he sold his own people out to the Nazi's, but I guess that was just for starters. He is the embodiment of Satanism, in its truest form.

    • Roxanna Sandel

      Soros said that he hates the United States and everyone in it

    • al farago

      Why havent the Israel's hunted for George Soros for his war crimes against the Jews and collaboration with the Nazis.He needs to be tried in the Hague for war crimes.

    • gabriele buracchi

      Crepa lurido figlio di puttana

    • Jim Cummings

      you mean the parasite currency speculator who uses his $$$ to manipulate and buy his way into the EU, the same man who will destabilize the whole world with his open borders project? he's being villanized for his actions, not because mean people are trolling him… this is just NYT propaganda.

    • Dan Strausbaugh

      Unbelievable people on this post are sympathetic of this guy who has destroyed multiple countries of all their wealth and is behind Every Single Thing That is Anti AMERICAN and you have people who aren’t outraged by this individual breathing … Insanity knows no Bounds !!! Thank GOD TRUMP came along to put an end to this scum!!!

    • Aged Johnny

      "fringe anti-semitic conspiracies" Oh nyt, just because a guy is a jew in theory does not make any allegation "anti-Semitic" . it's fine, you can always backtrack if he ever is caught out from behind his multinational front operations. Owning CTR and somehow provoking Orban to public comments is enough for me to deeply criticise the man, oh but I guess that would be an exclusively anti-semitic statement right?

    • Richard Hendrix

      yes their is a money trail

    • Richard Hendrix

      George is a evil demon,dark to light

    • Dave Johnson

      You think someone near him would take the shot…

    • Nikki Cedeno

      LOOK @ this Bull,Soros should be tried for war crimes against humanities,child trafficker,child ritual sacrifice,HE IS TRULY A MONSTER

    • Russell Payne

      sponsored by george sorros and the lying msm

    • Troy King

      He is one of them child sacrifice to Satan. Wake up New York the rabbi there is doing it also . They are demons sick people.

    • J Baron

      The dislike ratio is right around 35%, same as Trump's approval rating. Not a coincidence.

    • Count Rufus

      Why antisemitic when the man was a Nazi that sold Jews out.
      And once a Nazi always a Nazi
      The idea behind ww1 and ww2 was to separate Canada from Britian and Siberia from Russia

    • Count Rufus

      They want Europe and Asia to be museums to consume their energy and provide intelectual capital.So they can sit pride themselves how smart they are at the expense of others

    • Count Rufus

      Soros is a hardcore Bolshevik.I know q Bolshevik when I see or hear em.And no it's not Jews.Some Christians are way way worse.I know many decent conservative jews.Russian conservatives for example are extremely sympathetic towards Jews and Israel.All conservatives know how hard it is to give up a national identity just away

    • M K

      The earth will burn between the racism of the right and the marxism of the left..

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