Why is the UK Muslim unemployment rate so high? Take a guess.

Muslims face the worst job discrimination of any minority group

Muslim worker refuses to sell ham and wine to customer

Hairdresser sued for refusing to hire Muslim woman in a headscarf

How I nearly lost my business for refusing to hire a Muslim woman who wouldn’t show her hair

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    27 replies to "Islam In The Workplace"

    • laureen hobbs

      Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

    • Tsar R

      I have absolutely no idea why any right minded person could disagree with this guy.

    • Ben Rech

      I love it "professional victim industry".

    • Alexis The Dragon

      It's Harambe.

    • Cyber Mujaddidin

      You need to go to mental hospital, prayer is obligation, our Islam come first before anything else but their are only few Muslims who takes Islam seriouly. So your point is useless.

    • yatesy117

      Sikhs & Hindus I've met in my life have been very peaceful & pleasant people. Muslims however I consciously try and not associate too closely with them. Their ideology is barbaric & backwards…has no place in 21st Century.

    • George Ace

      All religions should be banned.

    • Strangefacekid

      A Muslims idea of work is filling a shoebox with out of date sundries, fake tobacco and phone credit, sold with a smile at extortionate prices, then "sold" tax free to am emigrating family member, same with property.

    • David Benson

      a last someone you dares to speak the truth thank you pat

    • joe joe

      The biggest problem for Islam and it's robots is social media. You-tube, facebook etc has allowed the world to expose Islam. People are now realizing what Muslim mind set is and the true meaning of the Religion of Peace, murder, hatred and intolerance.

    • Sonya Akhtar

      oh shit the fuck up you're old dimbat!

    • Norman Frodsham

      We want our democracy back !

    • LordTomnoddy

      Now you come to mention it, this has brought one thing to mind that has been puzzling me for years about this particular aspect of Islam. Does it make basic theological distinctions between

      1) employees, who are bound to strict, moment by moment observance of every last ritual requirement ever imposed, and

      2) the self employed, who.. well, to put it plainly, never seem to bother their arses one iota over any of the injunctions to workplace piety that apparently so task their salaried confreres.

      Walk into any Muslim run retail business, however small, and the chap, or chap-ess behind the counter will happily sell you anything from a bottle of whisky to a pound of bacon without batting an eyelid anytime between 6am and midnight. Doesn't matter when you call by, it's open-all-hours and typically, the same bod there for hours on end anyway.

      Or do self-employed Muslims, uniquely, get some sort of dispensation? Even on prescribed prayer times? No five-a-day is the Prophet's way for them, or do they just save 'em all up and do the lot at one go in a sort of 25 minutes religious aerobics session?

      Oh, and in slightly larger Muslim run concerns are their employees exempt too? Unlike the EU, does Islam accept a SME-appropriate, abridged regime to reduce the regulatory cost burden on Muslim business specifically?

      Or (gosh!) could many Muslims just be taking advantage of the extent to which they've already cowed our spineless authorities to take the piss out of non-Muslim employers??

    • Albert Neville

      Pat only rails on about Muslims to deflect his dodgy personal background. Try Googling "Pat Condell paedophile small boys". Makes me cringe when I hear him blathering on about grooming gangs in Rotherham. He is even WORSE !

    • haycups

      My wife suffered a massive stroke. After a month in hospital she was discharged and we were handed over to the local stroke rehabilitation in the home team. The overall manager came to assess my wife for her various needs. She advised that my wife would need physiotherapy and made an appointment for this person to come and assess her needs. She noticed that we had a cat. She told me that the physiotherapist has a fear of animals and asked if it would be possible to put our 18 year old cat in a room upstairs. Immediately I thought that the therapist must be a devout Muslim. That's because I am a 'racist'. She then added that I should make sure that the feeding bowls were out of sight. This convinced me more that the therapist was a devout Muslim. Low and behold an appointment was made for us to meet Muhammed in our home at 2.00pm on Tuesday. Tuesday arrived and it was raining very heavily. At 1.40pm the doorbell rang and it was Muhammed arriving early. I hadn't even had time to hide my cat's feeding bowls. I let him into my home and just as he entered our 18 year old little pussycat decided to come downstairs. I apologised profusely, but my offer to take her upstairs and lock her away was met with the statement – "no animals in house please". I explained to him that I would respect his fear of animals and that I would lock her in a room upstairs and assured him that she would remain upstairs "No animals inside house" he repeated and kept on repeating. He was getting more agitated and so, stressed out as I was at the horror that my poor partner had not only lost her mobility – but she had also lost the ability to speak and communicate – I made the dreadful mistake of speaking the truth of the situation and told him that I would not put my 18year old cat out in the rain to appease his religious beliefs – at this point he puffed himself up and called me a racist and carried on doing so despite me pointing out that his behaviour was upsetting my terminally ill wife. Within half an hour I got a phone call from the senior Manager telling me that my behaviour was unacceptable and that my response to his totally unreasonable behaviour was tantamount to Islamaphobia. This is the creeping influence of Isla

    • glareola

      I worked with a few Muslims who always made a point of booking Xmas off,just to spoil it for any Christians who might want it.Yet they were the first to kick off if they were refused time off for ramadan or eid.

    • TBirdNeil

      I'm having a local firm install a volcano in our office so that we can be inclusive of zoroastrian fire woreshippers.

    • gringopig

      what a dick

    • LH

      I work at a biomass powerstation and Muslims have been the best thing to happen to our business for a long time. So much free energy. I can't understand why so many people hate them.

    • Ysengrimus

      Lately you are angry towards Muslims very much. How nice since you used to bash Christians so much. Well i feel no pity for you westerners asses anymore especially becouse you western bastards like to bash us from more eastern parts of Europe.

    • RockRiff888

      The truth is the vast majority of immigrant muslims don't want to work. Thats why they targeted The UK as a place to live .abundant welfare payments for baby factory's.
      I was brought up in a town in the North of England ,Who have the oldest Islamic migrants
      on record 1892 Yemenis from a seafaring back ground. These wonderful people did
      assimilate and mix with the local population. And we enjoyed cultural diversity for many
      generations . I attended Mohammed Ali 's Marriage blessing Ceremony at the local Mosque in 1974 . A memorable day enjoyed by all faiths and generations…
      Unfortunately I now concur with my integrated 6th generation muslims … Its FUCKED…

    • Paul D

      pat why are you on yt and not in downing street


      The koran is even better than a sears catalog to use for toilet paper.

    • Joe Tairei

      Don't let them in your country, problem solved.

    • SouthernInquirer55

      What update could Pat make as far as predictions of how this may change post BREXIT?

    • georgieboy1958

      I wonder how many Muslims will refuse to shake Theresa Mays hand because she is a Woman

    • georgieboy1958

      Pat you speak what we think thanks mate great Videos

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