Jack Van Impe Presents of December 30th, 2017. Today Rexella and Jack talk about:
This Week’s Headline:
Happy New Year!

As we prepare for a bright New Year filled with Blessing, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China appear to be getting ready for all out nuclear war!

Christian you need to watch this video.

If you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you, then today is the day of Salvation. It’s as easy as your ABC’s to know if you are saved.

A. Admit you are a sinner, all of us have sinned and fallen short. Confess your sin to God and Repent.
B. Believe that God sent His Son Jesus to pay for your sin, a price you cannot pay, that Jesus died and rose again victorious, defeating death and the grave and even now stands at Gods right hand. His blood covering will clean you before God.
C. Call on Jesus Holy Name. Ask Jesus into your heart to be your Saviour. Confess with your mouth, believe in your heart, and you will be saved

Salvation cannot be lost…

It cannot be lost, you would have to declare the Grace of God insufficient.

Or find the Grace of Jesus Christ faulty.
Or get Christ to take back His Righteousness.
Or have the pardon removed from your sin.

You cannot lose your salvation, as God would have to take back His pardon, You would have to be aborted and removed from the family of God, by God since you were born again as Jesus told Nicodemus you must to be born again.

If you are saved then nothing can take you from the hand of God, nothing can remove the salvation and righteousness that God has given to you.

    3 replies to "Jack Van Impe –Happy New Year!"

    • Patrick Eason

      Wow! With a 3rd of the population that will perish, a nuclear attack on Hawaii . . all these terrible things, "Happy New Year" Title is a little humorous . . but nevertheless, I have always loved this program.

    • Barbara C

      Happy New year beloved
      I've been watching you guys for years God bless you



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