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Good news from some parts of the world for Christians…
Less than half of German Christians do not believe in Heaven…
25% of British Christians do not believe in the Resurrection…

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    • Allen Gregory

      It is impossible to be Christian and not believe in the resurrection or Heaven, absolutely impossible. Both are a denial of Christ = anti-christian, not of God and haven't even read the Bible, they don't know God's Word, therefore they can't know the Father and the Father doesn't know them. It goes to show you that the Christian name has been attacked by Satan.

    • Yasha Jackson

      i like their knowledge n teaching

    • Nathan Burden

      love Dr. Jack Van Impe!!! and Rexella GOD BLESS this married couple and there lives and ministry and Family! IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN

    • lyn ells

      Sadly, we can't distribute Christian literature here in our schools because of th EVIL Godless left liberals in the democrats. They HATE God and Christianity especially ! EVIL Islamic Muslimism is OK in our schools but NOT Christianity ! I remember when Mr. Jack was with Rev. Billy Graham. Prosecution against Christians is already here. No FREE SPEECH in the churches about political issues/political figures. The Bible and prayer taken out of the schools. Against Christians that own businesses like a bakery, flower shop and Hobby Lobby and others who believe in Christ and follow their faith. Also forcing the Catholics to pay for birth control and Hobby Lobby too. Too many Christians cave to the Anti-Christian/God left world that is embracing EVIL Islamic Muslimism !!!!!!! The evil Godless left get great joy, satisfaction and money forcing Christian business people to shut down their businesses ! Pure EVIL from the pits of HELL. Yes, Christians need to pray for strength and courage to be bold and live the faith. Pray for a revival here in America ! There is only one TRUE GOD, his son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit ! God Bless Mrs Rexella Van Impe. I pray Mr. Jack is well and back soon. Blessings to him too.

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