(c) J.V.I. Ministries – http://www.jvim.com/ – Jack Van Impe Presents (2018-04-28)

This week’s headline: Space and Multiplied Signs to Christ’s Return!

The official Jack Van Impe Ministries Youtube channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/jackvanimpe

    3 replies to "Jack Van Impe Presents (2018-04-28)"

    • mak anthony

      I just calculated and as far as Heaven's time of 1 day is a 1000 years and 1,000 years is as 1 day is concerned, Jack preached this sermon around only about "1 hour ago" in the 70s, and its still valid for this closing "seconds" or "minutes" of time left before Jesus arrives in the clouds!! Show some more of these preachings…..even so, Come Lord Jesus………

    • Susan Bukera

      Love to you Jack ?✝

    • TheLionofJudah

      God has blessed this preacher. He knows the Bible verbatim

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