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This week’s headline: Immorality…

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    4 replies to "Jack Van Impe Presents (2018-07-28)"

    • angel ?

      Stop pushing catholism. I left it 10 yes ago, there is No salvation there. It is leaven, which means it's No good. Pedophile, they agree will gay marriage, supported hillary, who loves abortion. Pope is the false prophet, which we'll help bring in the one world religion (Chrislam) and Antichrist. Only born again will see heaven. I'm surprised you keep pushing this. God said, when you add or subtract from the Bible it is ANTICHRIST. They have the cathicism.

    • Monica Rush

      Jehovah's witnesses are being sued for their large problem with pediphilia because of their two witness rule to a crime.

    • bw1825

      Jack I went to one of your sermons in Col. Oh. about 15 years ago Loved it. Look forward to meeting u in heaven. God bless..

    • safenders


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