“there was a dream that was Rome”. Why do we need to get morality from outside the 9-dot box? Why does beauty come from someplace else? Why must we live for something other than ourselves?

John Vervaeke https://youtu.be/Uc8wy_4H8X8
Melanie Brewster https://youtu.be/fB7Dlwaufyk
JBP on Geenstijl https://youtu.be/10QsBmawqxg
Jonathan Haidt on Joe Rogan https://youtu.be/FG6HbWw2RF4
Peter Kreeft Argument from desire http://www.peterkreeft.com/topics/desire.htm
CS Lewis Radio Address 1 https://youtu.be/QmHXYhpEDfM
CS Lewis Radio Address 2 https://youtu.be/LqsAzlFS91A
CS Lewis Radio Address 3 https://youtu.be/kcRFYGr1zcg
China’s Moral Crisis https://youtu.be/FfLnFVzfKBs

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    20 replies to "Jordan Peterson, Geenstijl, Gladiator, CS Lewis, Peter Kreeft, Jonathan Haidt"

    • The Anadromous Life

      Hans Rookmaaker once said (I paraphrase) "You take your Christian children and you protect them. Keep them safe. Now I'll take your another group of children and expose them to the issues and problems of the world. Then we'll meet together in 20 years. And in 20 years you'll have your congregation safe except that you'll lose a few. But they'll be dead in their faith. But I'll have lost more by exposing them to the world. But you'll also find many more new Christians than there were before. And they will have real joy in their faith." Something I often think about.

    • anselman

      1:42. Abraham has entered into the heavenly country, the Jerusalem above. He is not still longing for it, waiting in a temporary paradise for thousands of years until the new heaven and new earth are created. He is in heaven enjoying the beatific vision with the saints, the spirits of the just made perfect. The resurrection of the body at the second coming of Christ will bring a fuller joy, but we should not hold a low view of the present intermediate state, as it is the tendency of some modernist theologians to do. I think the fad is called "physicalism".

    • lilyofthevalley Hiebert

      I often think about the end of time and wonder how small the church will be but at least we know, it will not be overthrown! But will love be found? Love for fellow human beings and Christians?

    • Roberto Sanchez

      Ha! That church thing will always be a point of contention for you. It cannot be denied that you have a motivated interest in the church question. I think that JBP just doesn't think lying pastors help people find the Truth. I think that JBP prefers to follow the "still small voice" instead, and the community (Jean Piaget's equilibrated state) will follow of its own accord.

    • Stephen sweet

      Looking forward to the video about materialism, pantheism and theism. Particularly the pantheism – theism part. I do enjoy your videos Paul. Thanks for making them.

    • Christopher Knuffke

      53:39 "Pattern recogition"

    • Christopher Knuffke

      29:07 You ""Gotta Seve Somebody", as Bob Dylan sings. . .

    • Christopher Knuffke

      28:02 Principle-Centered Leadership ! / Stephen Covey

    • Christopher Knuffke

      14:19 Well then ! Isn't this a dilemma for Jordan Peterson's act "as if" God exists ???

    • BurstAngel

      About a year ago, I realized why I stop listening to atheists and even some evangelicals. They never talk about Beauty with a capital B. They talk about Perfection but not Beauty.

    • Magnus Talberg

      Its hard keeping up!
      Hard keeping up but harder to skip a beat.

      Ordering C S Lewis book. They are in my native language. Excited!

      Seeing Gladiator again tomorrow. Why not.
      New meaning.

      After saying yes to Jesus He brought me here somehow. Here I dwell.

      Thank you again pastor Paul <3

    • Matt

      Can new media recover from financial censorship?

      Will Jordan Peterson save the Patriarchy from destructive chaos?

      Is PVK the greatest pastor of all time?

      Find out next time on Dragonball Z

      EDIT: please give my love to Freddie

    • Henry Swanson

      Hi Paul. I would be interested to get your take on this 4-page summary of Richard Noll's 1994 book, The Jung Cult (https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/4c66/01b3a430f065cdb5c6ac7718617033c1ba38.pdf).

      I'm interested particularly because Jordan Peterson seems to espouse both Jungian ideas and Judeo-Christian values, and Noll makes a good case that Jung was decidedly anti-Judeo-Christian values. Now, Noll has received some backlash from Jungians, particularly from Sonu Shamdasani. But from the short quotes I've read in this 4-page piece, and the Jung material I have read (published works, The Red Book, letters, biographical material), Noll's claims seem to be reasonable. In fact, I had begun having many similar ideas about Jung just from reading his writings (before I was even aware of Richard Noll). Anyway, it's an interesting short piece.
      Edit: the link I posted doesn't seem to work in YouTube, but when I copy and paste it in a web browser (I used Safari) the page loads correctly.

    • Max the Confessor

      This thing Paul is saying, with the help of C. S. Lewis, about there being a "moral law" or "human nature" that is "outside the box" is in many ways also shared by Orthodox Christianity. In Orthodoxy, when you sin, you sin against your true nature, not because of it. Just a thought. Keep up the good work, Paul!

    • hjs9td

      1:55:10 We have a new member of the class "Poor in Spirit" in the Beatitudes.

    • maccasara

      Dutchie and former lftie here, the Irony of Geenstijl embracing Peterson is funny beyond belief. Today the Nashville declaration has generated a SJW storm in Holland. Typical Geenstijl anti-theist guys are defending orthodox protestant Christians (Grefos) for signing this declaration. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    • RITA

      Love this. Your interjections are most welcome.

    • adhara

      really good vid, all came together great – commentary, energy (u used yr 'preacher voice' well here, gave parts power without feeling like an overload), brought lots of interesting disparate parts together, bunch of good references to dig thru, solid stuff!

    • Richard Elliott II

      I'm just glad they didn't pick a movie with people flying around in the air with no heads on ! Or trying to cut their own heads off, or getting their head knocked off by a telephone pole ! ( Don't see "Hereditary" )

    • AdurianJ

      those tiny tribes also lives in the most remote parts of the world in the least coveted lands

      I believe Guns Germs and Steel begins say who do you have so much "Cargo" (he's describing cargo cults)

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