Jayda Fransen

Good morning Jpost,

Today is judgment day.

Who would have dreamed that me giving a speech at an anti-terror rally back in the summer of 2017 would have caused this much of a stir!

For the best part of two years I have been subject to highly restrictive bail conditions in Northern Ireland and have had my case mentioned in court every month!

Today is the day I will learn my fate.

I am facing up to a year in jail for simply calling out terrorists and quoting the Quran!

If I am found guilty of ‘hate speech’ today, the rest of 2019 could be lost for me, spent in a dirty prison cell.

After serving a 9 month sentence last year, I know how precious freedom is.

Being away from loved ones is hard. You miss them. You miss the things that we all take for granted like, taking the dog for a walk, going to Church, making a journey by car or bus or train, or even just sleeping in your own bed.

The State took those simple pleasures away from me last year and they could do so again at 2pm today.

I am prepared for whatever they throw at me this afternoon. I will take it like a true British warrior.

All I ask is that you remain steadfast in your support for me and our cause Hans.

This video tells my story of just some of what I have endured over the past year.

Please share this will as many people as you can so that my story is not locked away by the state, even if I am.

You are, and always remain, in my thoughts and prayers.  Please keep me in yours today.

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

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