Kareem werd grootgebracht voor de Jihad, totdat hij de verrezen koning zag! DEEL dit krachtige getuigenis!

De getuigenis van onze broer Kareem gaat viraal met meer dan 1 miljoen views op onze Arabische outreach-kanalen in de afgelopen weken,
en als je zijn verhaal hoort, begrijp je waarom! Help deze film het Midden-Oosten te bereiken met getuigenissen als deze.

Word partner van onze One for Israel Arabic Ministry!

Kareem was raised for Jihad, until he saw the risen King! SHARE this powerful Testimony!

Our brother Kareem’s testimony is going viral with over 1 Million views on our Arabic outreach channels in the last few weeks, and when you hear his story you’ll understand why! Help this film reach the Middle East with testimonies like, this. Become a partner with our One for Israel Arabic Ministry!

25 gedachten over “Kareem werd grootgebracht voor de Jihad, totdat hij de verrezen koning zag! DEEL dit krachtige getuigenis!

  1. Seek Jesus, seek God! It’s not an easy path … this life… but believing in Jesus, our burdens are easy and we can experience a taste of heaven in this earth… God bless your testimony!

  2. three dreams i a row with the same details, that's a divine intervention. that's a miracle! i have never had two dreams in a row with the same details. peace be with you brother

  3. Jesus said "Let he who has not sinned pick up the first stone". Is that not enough for anyone to change their beliefs,?. forget religion.

  4. Amen🙏✨, LORD GOD bless you amen🙏✨
    Hope the entire human race are going to realiaze and saved by the love of LORD, amen🙏✨

  5. Yes brother,God has poured out His love in our hearts to love others just as He loved us.. so let us live by His Holy Spirit who is in us to fulfill the command which was given by the Lord Jesus Christ. " This is My commandment that you Love one another just as I have loved you" John 15:12. Let us share the good news of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world with Grace and Truth by which we are set free and changed from the old covenant which was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Before Christ came we were all under sin and curse but Lord Jesus took our sin and curse upon Him and died on our behalf and He made us free from eternal death and brought the blessing of Abraham upon us. Hallelujah, Amen. All glory to God our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.Amen.

  6. Rejecting messengers mean rejecting God, do not be clever.jews rejected two messenger of God, isa a.s. son of mariyam and last and final messenger Muhammad s,a,w.

  7. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAH This guy bro… man said he memorised all the books of hadith and the whole Quran. Wallahi i could bet my life on that he is sitting there and lying his arse off

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