God Showed Me the Last Days of Planet Earth Ken Peters
Ken Peters sid roth https://youtu.be/9Wzh61IBtlM
pre tribulation rapture proof https://youtu.be/Fm6Jyb8Y-hs
Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural KEN PETERS 2000 2018

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    • karrskarr

      Nothing to see or hear-moving on, Earth not a planet! LOL Oblivious to the Boat people are we? Look at the flat earth map model,then do your research!

    • Sareya2018

      Since When….is the Earth "not" a planet??

    • Harold Hart


    • It is happening NOW

      I’ve been following Ken Peters too for awhile now and never saw this Sid Roth episode either til now! Very strange.

    • Eyes WideOpen

      Yes Ken DID mention there were no babies under two in his original Prophecy Club video

    • Rex

      Who cares about the rapture are you ready are you praying for family loved ones this world lost souls don't waste time speculating time is running out people x

    • Anet Sanchez

      what verse is rapture? you not even close

    • Outside The Box

      That's interesting that this episode with Ken Peters was suddenly released in 2018. Recorded in the year 2000… I wonder why

    • Rebecca Eaton

      There is no pretrib rapture. Why on Earth would Yeshua spare us in America and allow the rest of the Christian world be slaughtered? Doesn't make sense. Genocide of the middle East Christian's have been going on for past few years. Yeshua will come back at a time he is appointed to. Your not even listening to what Yeshua (Jesus) said. You need to read the words in red.

    • Tranquil Waves

      Perry Stone is a Satan worshipper! He's a FALSE TEACHER! Watch any of his videos and you'll see him flaunting the devil worship [Baphomet] sign, consistently….along with numerous other occultic hand gestures!
      Psalm 96:5 (KJV)
      5 For ALL the GODS of the NATIONS are IDOLS: but the Lord made the heavens.
      ***Notice it says ALL! NOT "All, except one", it clearly says ALL!!

    • IGER Television

      The only thing Apollo took to space was our imagination. and we don't come from soup or fish.
      The Earth is a ball that spins, and Wobbles at 1040 miles per hour, it also orbits the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour.    
      The sun is moving in the Milky Way galaxy at 514,000 miles per hour.  The milky way galaxy is shooting off the big bang approximately 1,700 times the speed of sound, at  1,300,000 mph theoretically and no one feels a thing.
        And the constellations never change, and Polaris is always in the same spot.
            Is all held together by a magical force called Gravity, because an Apple fell on Issac Newtons head.
      Can't forget the other Occultist Copernicus, Darwin, Kepler, Columbus, Pythagoras, etc. And the Actornots. Thank you for putting us on a cartoon ball.
      These occultist secret societies probably go back to the begining of written history which is about 5000 years old.
          We get most of our programming and understanding of space from satanic Hollywood or television. Oh yeah and we evolved from fish lol.
         Or maybe the Bible is right and we live under water, under a firmament, with the sun, the moon, and stars all in the dome kind of like the lost city of Atlantis.
      Heaven is above and Hell is below. Just like every civilizations before us knew. Egyptians, Vikings, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Incas, Mongolians, Seminoles etc.
      Read the first 20 sentences of the Bible I dare you, double dare you, triple dare you.
      The horizon is horinzontal, and sea level is levelled. Lol
      Love IGER Television.

      If you can entertain the theory that all other civilizations had besides this super smart smart one that knows how to Regurgatate theories and stream netflix real well. Here is a quick eye opening video.

    • John Messick

      Look at the Illuminati deck of cards it's just when the tapes cut the power goes out that's when the Rapture happens little kids are first and after 40 days repentance then those who are ready will be taken out after the people here get a special pouring out of the Holy Spirit and get to minister to those that haven't repented yet and then after that comes tribulation for all those who are still refused Christ

    • Todd Peachey

      Ken has been on YouTube I stumbled across him about a year-and-a-half ago. He said some things that we're the only thing that gave me a little bit of peace After figuring out the corruption in the world governments. I was literally scared but I would remind myself that can head scene the happy ending after all the BS. Yes the Earth is definitely flat ,it seems ridiculous that people don't see it when you try to point them towards it. how many bubbles in space ,scuba divers in space, astronauts on wires, and total green screen failures on the ISS does a person have to see before they absorb some of it.
      I don't believe everything I see because it became obvious that we can't, but I did tune in to Ken and believe his message. I have a friend who tries to avoid all of this stuff but he was given a vision and saw a giant wave envelop the area we live in. All I know is we'll find out one way or the other.

    • Minister of Yahushua Ha-mashiach, marita

      Stan Johnson wants to make money

    • Israel Reyna

      Well all I know is Christ we'll save us not the rapture

    • james kelly

      Rapture😂😂😂 👎👎👎👎👎 Am off. Unsubscribing.

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