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    13 replies to "Kingdom of the Antichrist – Walid Shoebat"

    • iixslashxii

      this guy is gold! very interesting…

    • Danielo Lamour

      Is there anyway to see more of his videos?

    • cristian pommersheim

      Briliant,blessed man!

    • Mary Snare

      I am watching in segments, because it is kind of difficult to listen to him deprecating the Western culture, (and the Western Christian) constantly. But as of 30 minutes into this video, his teaching is very much like my Bible History and Old Testament prophesy teacher's interpretation 40 years ago, and these are not new ideas, or "Eastern" ideas.

    • Ivan Agosto

      I do like how he puts everything together, but, I have to disagree with the statue. When it talks about those kingdoms, those kingdoms are already gone. They were kingdoms because they ruled the earth. Iraq, Iran aren't kingdoms any more. But, we all know that the way the British and American governments are structure reflects the way the Roman empire was. Also, England is the remnants of the Roman empire. The reason the toes feet are of iron and clay reflects part of the Roman empire and the rest of the world, not mixing together, which is what we have. And the mountain crushing all is two fold. One, Jesus becoming the new King and two, maybe an asteroid destroying that part of the world, the Mideast, in a way that we will never have any of their history….

    • matsebah

      I highly recommend this to all
      Christians . Happening very soon to a city near you.

    • Bud Peters

      why couldn't the 7th one also be America ? we are the newest Country….And we make the best Iron and rule over this world…I think we are number 7

    • kim

      The anti- Christ is not a human being man.  He is none other than satan himself who will come to bring false peace to the world.  He is anti, instead of, polar opposite of the True Jesus.  His "mark of the beast" is what is in your mind to believe and the ONLY way to get ALL to bow to him will be to come as Christ WILL come, to where MANY will believe in the "minds" that Jesus has come; believers and non-believers alike will THINK he is Jesus and bow to him and the right hand "mark of the beast"  is merely the work that those who believe in the evil one's DECEPTION of being our Savior, will be doing when the True Christ arrives at the 7th Trump. I have scripture to back these words; to much for this comment section, so if anyone wants to know where I get this from Biblically, then I am in Hope that you reply to this comment.  Please do not be deceived of a "rapture" to get you out of what is to come.  It is another "DECEPTION" of satan, as it will aid in his agenda to "DECEIVE"  the masses.  May God shine the Light of His Truth to ALL lies being taught to set you up for to worship the "beast"  (who will not scare you if you think he is Jesus)  Do Not Be Deceived, in Jesus name I pray.

    • ellamae

      He said that about satan being the cedar tree 3 times.  I wonder if that was just recorded like that purposely to make the recording longer.  Very insightful though.

    • Regina Lieder

      I never believed that the pope was the Antichrist.The pope is just a Politician.He does not want to extinquish mankind.He loves his dom Sheep ,but he has changed the Bible.The real Antichrist is the being that will represent the aliens and their servants the Illuminatie.The real trouble will come when the Illuminatie find out that the fallen angels have a DOUBLE AGENDA.Now they play along as if they would listen to the Illuminatie,but the real highheaded angels will doublecross even those who were faithfully serving them.Without the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, mankind would die out,murdered by the Antichrists.Thank you for this nice sermon Mr.Shoebat.

    • Thinking it through

      This is very interesting, some biblical 'mysteries' are being opened for me here. It does make sense. 

    • Christy Ellis

      Very interesting.

    • Stephen Puncer

      I also thought the pope is > highly likely be the anti-Christ, but only because (like MOST folk here) I watched Tube Vids made by people who hadn't done an intensely careful & comprehensively analytical research of the source. Shoebat enlightens us & makes it clear to 'see' the whole picture of the complex jig-saw that end-time prophesy is. Apart from < a handful of strong coincidences & ignorance of many red-herrings, the "pope is antichrist" vids, although sometimes entertaining, in comparison to Shoebat's work, are half-assed feeble attempts at forcing these particular jig-saw pieces into place, with the help of scissors

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