Linda Sarsour is a Muslim American, community organizer, and mother of three. The Palestinian activist (and co-chair of the Women’s March) shatters stereotypes about what it means to be a Muslim woman in America. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she was inspired to become a civil rights activist after 9/11. In an interview with Quartz, Sarsour talked speaking truth to power, no matter the consequence; and remaining unapologetically herself in the face of extreme hate and criticism.

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    25 replies to "Linda Sarsour is a Muslim American on a mission"


      Muslims are cancer for world or atom bomb. Cancer , atom bomb and muslim religion is newest and lethal weapon to destroy earth, for which whole world trying hard to find the cure

    • Momo Mo

      Some time ago, Linda Sarsur declared Jihad to the honor of President Duhland Termap. Basically if a Muslim declared jihad to the president. It means to all the United States. And you have chosen to lead it in their politics. Fools why not just knocked a ball in their head easier. As one who lives in the Middle East I know what this means by this statement. I want you to understand exactly what this means Jihad Declaration Jihad is a term that describes the duty of a Muslim to observe the laws of Islam. Muhammad declared that fighting the infidels is Jihad, , And therefore all its participants will receive a great deal of reward. In practice, today's term is used primarily to describe a violent struggle (against "heretics" who are not Muslims or belong to another sect).

    • David Kellar

      Why was the teaching in Egypt in schools joy when twin towers struck? This was moderates? Mainstream I know the truth

    • Aisha Noor

      to all the people who took their idle and depressing time to comment or other words "spill their venoms "…..
      that is so pathetic. ….
      That shows how dumb and ignorant you are about the reality and truth around you….
      of course the robotic and mindless lifestyle you have, don't get a chance to think deeply. …
      whatever news heard here and there is your knowledge of the world you live in…

      leave your country and see the other human beings with different races and languages living on this planet and have more fulfilling and happier lives than you….

    • Richard Miletic

      Piece of shit

    • Your Mom's Creepy Uncle

      You are NOT an American. You never will be.

    • R G

      She always mad because she has to share her bed with her husband and his goat.

    • Edy Puentes

      I'd just like to say i'm a big fan of her:( and also that i like her as a human being. 🙁

    • whiterose 18

      Linda sarsour I hope you get your face pushed in a pit of puke

    • Kim

      If she loves Palistine so much why the hell doesn't she go there? She is more dangerous than John Lennon or anyone who has been on the US dangerous list. Who spawned her?

    • J1824

      she seems very vicious

    • sylvain girardot

      El demonio / the devil / le diable.

    • Hello Hello

      This lady is a fucking racist scumbag.

    • Natalia

      There's no such thing as Islamaphobia. A phobia is an irrational fear. It's perfectly rational to feat Islam.

    • Deepu Kurian

      Unsubbed.. though regret would have been much earlier..

    • Nick Cage On A Sweater

      triggered altrighters incoming

    • Piet Puk

      No you are NOT 'empowered" with a hijab , because you conform to a repressive culture, of horny men,
      who get wild when they see a woman uncovered. That is the reason of the hijab.
      Muslim men cannot control themselves, get frustrated very quickly, and blame the women who show their natural beauty.
      Islam-culture is retarded, they don' t allow men an women to interact freely. Because of that , men get real frustrated , and turn to each other.
      Butt-f-cking is common practice in some muslim-cultures, to release stress and form a social order.
      Western people can never understand this. These are sand-people with a medieval mindset.

    • allah izafag

      Her mission is to make herself and her religion look retarded as fuck. Mission accomplished ?

    • M Taurus

      Not only that you're too ignorant what and how to live under Sharia Law because you're born in a FREE LAND AMERICA – you went to school for education as well which the real MUSLIM WOMEN were denied ?‍♂️ as well as living in a prison world ? of Islam … YOU'RE A FAKE AND WILL ALWAYS BE A FAKE MUTANT WOMAN ???

    • Dale D.

      If Mohammad was so smart and kind, then why was he a slave owner? Didn't Allah know right from wrong??

    • Dale D.

      I admire her willingness to put herself out there and take the abuse from her critics. I'd admire her even more if she would condemn the Islamic texts for saying that a woman's testimony is worth HALF that of a man in a court of law. She might be a good MUSLIM, but unless she's willing to say that, then she's not a good PERSON.

    • Dale D.

      I admire her courage – I'd love to see Linda have the courage to condemn Qur'an 4:34 (which says to beat women.) I hope that she believes that a book that says to beat women is worse than someone who simply POINTS OUT what that book says.

    • Dave Galbraith

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    • Stancu Bogdan

      No, bitch. You're just a fucking Brooklyn raised american, cosplaying a fucking palestinian muslim woman. Eeewww, loook, I'm wearing a hijaaab, I'm fucking empowereeed, I'm suuuper-progresssiiiveee bla bla bla. Fuck off & fuck you!

    • mark aquino

      Be thankful to America because they allowed you come, not change it

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