Mission Statement Jeruzalempost.nl

Jeruzalempost.nl has it’s core mission in providing true news facts and commentary directly from and about Israel and it’s international role in the world.
Jeruzalempost.nl has no connections whatsoever with any mainstream or other news network, political parties, foundations, organisations, public figures, politicians or any kind of sponsor that has influence on our content, although we refer to many other sources as long as the content serves our target.

To provide a realistic representation of the daily life in Israel to Dutch language areas in order to inform in a positive way which will build bridges between all people of respect and civilization we are using all modern media that can serve our mission.

We believe it is extremely important for any person living on planet earth to have a truthful and complete understanding of who the Jewish people are and what Israel has to offer the world from a historic and present and future perspective.

We do NOT claim to be the only right source for information about the subject, however we DO INVITE every organisation, private person, company or else that shares our vision and mission to CONNECT with us. Everyone who has a positive vision for Israel, the Jewish people should be present on our website in any way. Share your opinion, vision, product, service etc while we are expanding globally: CLICK HERE to get in touch.

Jeruzalempost.nl has been founded by Dutch volunteers who see it as their mission to provide truth in news and commentary in their own native language which is Dutch. Also articles in English will be posted as long as its content is relevant while we are working on translation of it.

For further information about jeruzalempost please see our privacy statement and disclamier.