The ‘Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest’ came to be after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) held a ‘Stand with the Prophet’ event.

This didn’t sit well with Pamela Geller and the AFDI who put together the $10,000 prize event.

It featured speakers such as JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer and Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim, won the contest. Here’s his full speech.

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    20 replies to "Muhammad cartoon contest winner Bosch Fawstin’s full speech"

    • Manahil Haniya

      Lanat.ho Teri Zindagi par

    • Manas Das

      Mohhamed is your prophit not our so shut up Muslim bastard

    • sanford chait

      If you’re Muslim and don’t like pictures of Muhammad, fine. Don’t draw him. Stop imposing your laws in the west. We know your culture does not celebrate freedom of speech or the golden rule. But ours does. Sharia is not compatible with our Constitution.
      You believe killing unbelievers is the word of your moon god and pedophile warlord messenger. Problem is, we aren’t Muslim and don’t abide by Islamic doctrine. Anyone who is not interested in democracy should either find a place where brutality and savagery is welcome or keep your actions under check.

    • Ruky Princess

      Coward low life.

    • Ho Fe

      I lived inthe Netherlands for some years.Once i was travelling in a public bus , i noticed that a Dutch man was looking me at daggers with a hateful eyes.Eventually he asked me!Are you Arab?and i gave a negative reply, and i added !I am an iranian.since i had not imgined what he wanted to tell me, hearing that i was an Iranian, i could see that it was the oil which was poured on the fire.For upon hearing that i was an Iranian, his wrath was added and by a louder voice he shouted at me!Why you moslems do not respect democracy?why have you put a death senteth on Salman Rushdi?It was then that i could knew why he wanted to start a quarell with me.Fortunately at that time, the bus stopped beside a bus station before the palace of the queent of the Netherlands.Then the response he needed came to my mind and without replying to his cry for rushdi i told him!it is said that they have an active hand in drugg trafficing and prostitution in Europe(when i was uttering these words i showed the palace while an officer was on guard at its door). He asked me!you mean the police?I said no!i mean the royal family، the queen, her husband. Upon hearing this he jumped up and shouted, how do you dare to insult our queen, our royal family?they are good people and loved by dutch men and women.I asked him!how many are dutch people?10or 12 or 14 millions?He replied somthing like these. And then i gave my rebuke to him by telling him in a way that other passengers coul here! You are not more than 14 million, and your queen is liked by only 14 millon, and when you here somthing against your queen and your royal family you get so much upset that you are likly to have a heart attac. It is while the religion of Islam and the prophet of Islame is loved by one billion or more people, and you object why the moslems are angry at what Salman Rushdi has said against their holy book and their prophet? …The passengers round us looked at him and poured objections on him by telling him!You should not start such these words. It is your wrongdoing…when the bus reached the final station and we got off, the man came to me and asked for appologize and said You gave me a good lecon, i will never forget it. Here i add making satirical cartoon, is the actual act of being defeated.When a person feels defeated he or she is likely to appeal to cartoons.

      Creating cartoons is easy, the easiest means.A moslem can make cartoons and caricatures of Florence Nightingale,Jean Darc, Queen victoria, Fredric the Great,Alexender Macedonian, the Royal family of The Netherlands,…etc, of course in a disgusting styles in bad shape and figures, and in mocking figures.Why not?when the reason is lagging behind, the cartoons are the best means. Of course in the countries like France, Germany, England, The Netherlands they do not permit you to make cartoon of Netanyahoo.Do you know why?It is because the freedom of speech is rulling over these lands.Do not think they are afraid!No they are brave, but preffer to close their mouth.A German caricature maker was expelled from his job .why?Because he has made a caricature of big boss of Europeans and America!Netanyahoo.

    • labaik Ya Rasool S.A.W.W labaik Ya Rasool S.A.W.W

      Allah apny habeeb s.a.w sa pyar krta hai dakhna tmara Kia haashar ho gaa dunya dakhy gi jld hi qayamat tk log yad rakhain gy tmko kasy tba kry gaa Allah tmko

    • René Meinhardt

      That cartoonist is a real hero. 2 days ago I bought the recent cartoon book. Looking forward to finally hold it in my hand. Don't worry about the many porkistani barkers. They always bark, see the barkers who will arise after my comment. They are the best example. #ExMuslimBecause here

    • Jack MeHoff

      Islam- gutter religion.Allah- false deity Mohammed- pedophile prophetMuslims- 21st century Neanderthals

    • Tahir Tiger

      khuda tume mere hatho se garak kare InshaAllah

    • tanzilislam salam

      You are cold blooded bastard

    • tanzilislam salam

      I desire you are infront of me And i will cut your neck and kick it with my foot

    • tanzilislam salam

      You bastard i am eager to kill you

    • Asim Sabri


    • Asim Sabri

      you even don't respect your Prophet . I think so . Because you are born with pig desire

    • Pak Circle

      All those who is supporting Bosch Fawstin they will get a great lesson after the dead of Bosch Fawstin and IN SHA ALLAH he will be die soon.

    • Faheem Hassan

      These are your last days on earth! Next u will be the fuel of hell! InshaAllah!
      HATE FROM PAKISTAN?????????

    • Bilal Khan

      Baster I kill you

    • Bilal Khan

      Lanat ho harami kutty

    • Zaman Butt

      American Pigs.

    • Horror Games Play

      Son of bitch

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