9 replies to "Next Week: PM Netanyahu of Israel Addresses Congress"

    • gwen clark

      we need to distance ourselves from Israel.   I am tired of my elected officers acting like prostitutes for Israel.  And, we must stop giving billions to them.  10 thousand dollars just to resettle their refugees…can you imagine this Americans!!!  We have millions in our own country hungry, homeless, and our lawmakers are giving 10 million dollars to Israel to help find homes and settle in the territory they stole and still steal from the Palestinians.   It is about time Americans KNOW WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING with Israel.   And, yes, they are mass murderers for what they have done in Gaza.  

    • BlizzPort

      Well said John Boehner. At least someone is straightforward in today's politics.

    • Mary Ellen Lister

      Obama is arrogant & has no respect.

    • RassBrass

      Cock sucker. He is scratching his head on how to please his masters. These fuckers should be stripped of their citizenship.

    • danrashtizadeh

      Its DESTRUCTIVE….Its true….Its destructive for IRAN!!! Barack Hussein Ebola is AMERICAS 1st MUSLIM president thats being the TROJAN Horse sent inside the White House to bring in Allahs will which in Ancient ARAMAIC means "CURSE"…Obama is a CURSE to America playing Golf all day and acting like a celebrity instead of a Righteous caring leader. Obama DOES NOT care about America, but John Boehner does!…God bless you Boehner. Obama has 2 years left. Lets just hope he doesnt cause more damage than he's already done…


      DemoRats are not only killing are Country, there taking down the rest of the world with us.!!! Two more years of the lying cheating manipulating law braking cowards and are country is going to be much worse then it is today!.!!! We need to restore the working gears of the government and are constitution and restore are emigration the right way with swearing in allegiants to are flag/country and learning are language or GTFO.!!! Remove the muslim training camps along with the spawns from hell in them from are country.!!! DemoRats just don't care about the above.!!!

    • Joseph Orlow

      I'm not sure why this issue has become so important. The Speaker has invited someone to speak to the Congress. The speech will take about an hour. Alright. Speeches are made all the time at the Capitol. I don't think anything Earth-shaking will be revealed in this speech. The Earth-shaking stuff is probably classified. After the speech, or before, they'll likely be a get together with the Congressional leadership, maybe a meal will be served. And then everyone will get back to legislative business. Foreign policy is still the purview of the Executive Branch. If instead of being contentious and making a big deal out the speech the President had just played it cool and said something like, "I hope the speech adds something to our efforts to negotiate" and left it at that, this whole brouhaha could have been averted.

    • pilotsnj

      The best thing the so called POTUS can do for our
      country and its citizens is resign from the government
      altogether and take his AG with him. To date POTUS
      has demoralized the armed forces and vilified law
      enforcement nationally.  Otherwise, he and his minions
      have created nothing but havoc and decadence for 
      the entire USA.  Perhaps Alfred E. Newman might be
      nominated for our next president. 

    • Adam Tel

      I wonder how much he got paid to speak bull shit?

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