Nibiru Planet X Pole Shift News Update 2018 What Are They Hiding?

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    • pieter bezuidenhout

      Wow right up to the end my way of thinking.
      lmagine a bucket filled with water spinning on a line water spinning as well then the bucket being stopped by hand, water inside will continue to spin voilently.
      Now connect this to Nemesis ( Nibiru and planets) stopping our globe through magnetic attraction all of sudden as have happened in past (Noah, Pyramids and cities if past buried in mud?).
      There is but ONE hope and that is our SAVIOUR, JESUS.
      Believe it.

    • pieter bezuidenhout

      Translucency of the moon ! No .
      All that happens is No 1 the moons black (shadow) surface against a black background is almost impossible to see wheras the blue of our armosphere makes it seem translucent. No 2 the star seen "through" the moon comes with light bending as yuo explained throug the 'lens' of our atmosphere just as moon seems much bigger when appearing from beneath the horizon and then becomming smaller as it rises. This due to thicker (longer) atmosphere at horizen level than when looking straight up through it.

    • pieter bezuidenhout

      Absolutely love your honesty about lensflares etc. but something overlooked so many times even when trees are behind "lens flare" is a reflection when photo was taken through a window or paned glass with tree BEHIND the camera and reflected onto glass thus on picture.
      Easiest way for person taking photo is to TURN CAMERA 90° and lensflare will show same angle camera turned if not then it is not lens flare.
      So good to find vids from someone not on glue or clickbait, keep it up girl ?

    • Ionita Catalin Ionut

      elon musk is the soft disclosure boy they are losing control over him and and now they retire him for another puppet i think. the lunar wave is the cloaking tech of the moon you can see the moon but not the buildings and sometimes it fails and you see the behind of the moon just like the cloaking cloak that is public you can see things behind the cloak but not the wearer. if nibiru is close it means in our lifetime we will see enki enlil and other bosses. the last flood of noa was theyr doing to clean earth of theyr own creation they can help us during a pole shift or do great things like a flood some fire .. :))) everything points to them and they try again and again to hide it , they can move planets like we move our cars :)))

    • Elzbeth Dempseyjones

      NASA made a fake sun.

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