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Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever’s speech at the Nobel Laureates meeting 1st July 2015.
Ivar points out the mistakes which Obama makes in his speeches about global warming, and shares other not-well known facts about the state of the climate.

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    19 replies to "Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax"

    • Derek Finch

      The biggest lie of the last 100 years global warming allegations made government bodies using using the lie to pass laws and discriminate against countries who make goods for the rest of the world y taking large sums of money out to developing countries to make the same goods why plunging the people across Europe into ever decreasing spiral of decline the global warming lie much of the money syphoned off 2 finance the political agenda of the elitist and the used for mass migration and destruction of the West headed by those within Europe under disguise of an EU trading Bloc that is ever increased the burden on the people of Europe spending millions on green power without listening to true science manipulating the reports making films of Armageddon terrorising our children in their schools into thinking it is the End of the World soon narrow-minded politics of the globalist and the elitist without taking proper account of true science only giving word to those who pedal Armageddon and the destruction of Earth with no real evidence to back it up but just pandering to desteria and not truth the global lie who everyone has suffered because of millions of Euros millions of pounds and millions of Dollars wasted 1 forms of energy that cannot be too stained alternative energy forms that would be a great deal cheaper just disgusting the names of the environmentalist leaving the ground and the land in the Seas to clog up with plastic Environmental Waste and very little money money spent on cleaning the environment but instead the money being siphoned off for Political purposes and not to make this planet a better place

    • Denis Sutherland

      What is photosynthesis?

    • s Zarabi

      its funny that people listen to a politician like Al Gore instead of scientists

    • David Schmidt

      Yeah, global warming is not happening. Right. The Earth goes through cycles. Right. So when was the last 'cycle' when the Earth had billions of internal combustion engines crawling over its surface, pumping out millions of BTUs of thermal pollution? Wait, when was that again? When was the last 'cycle' that had jet planes, rockets, factories and households all pumping out thermal pollution? Wait, when was that again? Can anyone tell me why I have SEEN the difference, in my own short (geologically speaking) lifetime? My hometown used to get snow in the winter. Now, hardly any. I currently, and for the last 18+ years, live in Thailand, and the weather here has changed as well. The rainy season is shorter, and the 'cool' season is almost non-existent. But it's all a 'hoax', right? Yeah, because the infamous "they" want to fool us…why, again? The only people who don't believe in global warming are A. pathologically inclined to distrust ANYTHING scientists say, B. ignorant of reality…and I mean REALITY. Stats can be manipulated to show almost anything you want (just ask Nixon's ghost) but when one lives in an area where one can EXPERIENCE climate change, then the disbelievers tend to have nothing to say, except that somehow the person experiencing the change is wrong. Sure we are.

    • Mark Breithaupt

      Wake up people. This guy is taking pieces of research and mumbling his disagreement. The scientific research is overwhelming for global warming. The fact that capitalist elites want their agendas perpetuated and their profits to increase helps explain this mumbling dogmatic, sorry excuse for a presentation. No evidence presented. Who is this idiot?

    • enorbet2

      Gee I wonder why Baffin Island now has a degree of glacier melt that has uncovered land and moss that hasn't seen light of day in over 40,000 years.or the massive calving on the Ross ice shelf and Larsen ice shelf (Antarctica) , just one of which was 5800 sq km. Odd, eh?

    • Jeffrey Walker

      Right wing bullshit. He clearly is supported by pseudo-science of the right .How can you argue against vast glacial melt of Greenland, Antarctica, ocean warming, etc.?

    • 1roarinhorn

      you don't look like a comedian

    • rasmokey4

      But man has only been on earth for a fraction of geological time. We are drawing quick assumptions from our limited knowledge and data. Extrapolated theories are just that, projected thoughts of what we think is probable and possible. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    • Wobbly Bobbly

      CO2 is plant food, without it we'd die. Megafauna exited in highest CO2 concentrations (dinosaur era) therefore- it indicates CO2 is good for LIFE. PS 100 active volcanoes in Indonesia alone, hundreds more in the Pacific Rift, and African rift- spewing millions of tonnes of CO2- countless submarine volcanoes and faultiness swingeing methane.
       Who polices Mother Earth?
      H20 is more dangerous as climate "gas" than CO2. Let's ban the rain cycle!
      In the 1970s- idios were warning of us ANOTHER ICE AGE! LOL-

      Also- when Greenland once had farming (global warming when the world was entirely pre-industrial) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUTMDTn_zYc
      and the little ice age of middle ages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwQj0DIwwlU

      China builds 2 old tech coal power stations per week and does not give one rat's pooh about "global warning". Latest European technology Superficiality Steam- yields up to 63% and more efficiency, fluidised bed combustion destroys Carbon to Oxygen bond, all flue gases routed through combined cycle heat-engine (Stirling type) generators- through Co2 scrubbers (see Climeworks- Zurich) where Municipal waste to energy furnaces are treated with this.
      Coal can be a very clean form of hydrocarbon.
      Only uneducated idiots regurgitating half truths or whole lies can claim contrary (and against published and proven working facilitates).

    • George Roberts

      False correlations. So there's no such thing as pollution of any kind affecting life on the planet. CO2 levels are a fact as a contributing factor. They don't have to be the whole ball game…it's the part we have a responsibility to address. CO2 is nothing compared to methane hydrates when they cut loose…which is why we need to do something regardless. Personally, I think having ones head in the sand is an undignified position. Pollution doesn't go away by denying co2…that's just the part that will most quickly end mankind.

    • Evergrowing

      Does anyone have any additional information about this Ilan Samson calculation? Cause I have a hard time believing that without any further info

    • Mcg Doc

      Marxists promised the same "Pie-In-The-Sky" hoax, see what happened? more than 100 million corpses left in its wake. After the brutal Staling Soviet Gulags, Mao’s Chinese Cultural Revolution, failed states such as Cuba, Romania, The Soviet Union and etc.,… just to name a few randomly, So, NO thanks, Lying DC swampy rat Demencraps! No, No, No, we shall NEVER allow socialism to flourish in America! NEVER! Let Liberty and Freedom Reign!

    • Peter Ozanne

      Check "Earth Science. Stack Exchange" for something that undermines Prof. Giaever's arguments.

    • Peter Ozanne

      He's blinding you with figures: THINK OF THIS – 273.15 K is freezing point (0 degrees Celcius), 288 is +14.85 C. Following so far?
      OK – so a rise of .8 K takes us to 15.65C. To call that a rise of only .3% (3 tenths of 1%)- AS HE DOES – you have to calculate from around MINUS 300, (sorry not exact!), but if you count it, lets say, as a percentage rise from 0 C, it's more like 5%.
      IT ALL DEPENDS where you take as your stating point!!!!!!! You could also take the point of the ideal average temperature for growing some crops. Whichever you take, one degree rise (which is what we have so far, roughly), makes a LOT of difference to animal migration, oceans, crops, weather, drought, patterns of all sorts of stuff – AND it's continuing to rise, all predictions so far have been fairly accurate.
      He didn't smash anything folks, do the math yourself, think it over again 😉


      The GLOBAL 2000 REPORT put in front of Jimmy Carter in 1980 is one of the first global data reports pushing for global population controls based on the lies of the globalists. This has been in the making for quite a few years. Al Gore is one of the newer players in a very dangerous game against the populations of the planet.

    • Glen Surles

      Love this old fuck

    • Glen Surles

      I believe in science, problem is its occasionaly proven wrong. They will fight to the bitter end on climate change because they get a lot of funding for this horseshit

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