Nothing Is Impossible with God

    9 replies to "Nothing Is Impossible with God – Benny Hinn Ministries (09 April 2018)"

    • Nabajit Barman

      plz pra my name is nabajit my famali not shestan plz my hard jesus

    • Nteziryayo Eric

      Pastor I want to be healed from the pouverty, please anointing me God bless you.

    • Springs Of Life Ministries

      Anyone who supports or follow such ministry should be ashamed of themselves. These people have done more harm than good for Christianity.
      America is being trampled by the enemy and the church is asleep; because of such ministers as this.
      Shame on you people!!!

    • Chelkeba Chalchisa

      I am from Ethiopia please pastor, would you mind asking God to come to Ethiopia? In my dream I saw You twice when you are anointing many people. First, ask the Will of God. I have been praying still today. God bless you and your ministry. Amen.

    • anitha ani

      An awesome revelation need more and more messages like this

    • Connie Mendoza

      Pastor before I became born again I was living my life in fear. I would sleep with the light on and the tv on. Back in those days (1997) after the news they would show scary shows so I would turn to TBN. My mother was a Christian and always watched TBN. Out of fear I would watch you every night and I would fall asleep like a baby. I believe because of my mother (who had passed away) planting the seed, my aunt who was praying for me and your show I became born-again. Because I would hear you preaching the WORD OF THE LORD every night, I began to believe that GOD knew ME and received HIM into my life in the bathroom of my home. GOD bless you

    • Shaki Shalgean

      Amen ? God bless you pastor ? ? ? ? ? one day I will meet you

    • Thomas Varghese

      Praise the Lord!!! Absolutely blood of Jesus is powerful!!! Pr Benny your teaching and presentation under the influence of Holy Ghost!!! When I listen through YouTube channel I felt thick presence!!!

    • Deborah Mallory

      Halellujah thank you Jesus !

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