The fascist “anti-fascists”. No hope, plenty of hate.

English Defence League mission statement. Disagree with any of this?

EDL leader condemns attacks on Muslims. Listen to the interview and see if you disagree with any of it.

Spencer and Geller banned from the UK for telling the truth

Petition to allow Geller and Spencer to speak in the UK

You can contribute to their legal fund to challenge the ban at

A gross double standard over hate speech

The slimy hypocrisy of Keith Vaz

Charles Moore: We are too weak to face up to the extremism in our midst

No hope and full of hate.

Blasphemy law comes to Facebook

UAF fascists plan to disrupt Ukip public meeting

And here they are doing it. UAF fascists try to stamp out free speech again

If only 33,000 people knew the truth

Socialist Workers Party leadership under fire over rape kangaroo court

Socialist Workers Party’s misogyny by a former longtime member

Socialist Workers Party defends Islamic terrorists who planned street attack with a bomb, knives and shotguns.

Anti-fascist group appoints fascist as vice-chair

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    12 replies to "Our Crippling Fear Of The Truth"

    • Ricky Johnson

      One of your best videos Pat. You went full out on this one

    • Will ToSurvive

      If you hate PEDOPHILES, you should hate Muslims. Just ask one how the Koran justifies 'MAN LOVE THURSDAY' where it's OK to for a man to have sex with a pre-pubescent boy. OH, and it's OK to gang rape a woman then stone her to death for being an adulteress. All Muslims go fuck yourselves and do the world a favor and commit suicide.

    • jtb303

      pat is brilliant

    • John Jerram

      This sounds like the United Patriots Front and the No Room for Racism groups in Australia.

    • Cynthia X

      I am a cheerleader for the EDL from across the pond. (I am in their corner) God bless them for having a spine !!!!!

    • Heyward Shepherd

      SWP sounds like the AFL/CIO here in the US. If the power of persuasion doesn't work… Use the persuasion of power. They are really deep thinkers.

    • FATshadow

      Every time I watch one of these videos, I end up watching 12. Well done sir.

    • Mike Walton

      Well said Pat.

    • bowecho

      The world is a magical place full of liberals waiting to be offended when the truth is spoken.

    • PigIron BigIron

      Love me some Pat Condell!!

    • FeralSpirit

      The world needs more Pat Condell.

    • Vicki 0000000

      islam the religion of the damned

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