Our Prophetic Future revealed in the appointed days – Return of the Kingdom Episode #3

Looking at the conflict Israel is facing many are asking if we’re in the end days described in Revelation. But the clues to the return of our messiah are hidden in plain sight with the Biblical appointed days found in the Torah! Despite the darkness of the war and antisemitism we see a glimmer of hope and a prophetic promise of spiritual restoration in the story of Nehemiah for our present day.

We continue this 3 part mini-series to discover the amazing prophecies of the end times found in the ancient Jewish festivals! Join Dr. Erez Soref, Dr. Golan Broshi and Hadas Orth as we explore our ancient past revealing our prophetic future! If you missed Episode one check it out here! https://youtu.be/wJd4fGV7Erw

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13 gedachten over “Our Prophetic Future revealed in the appointed days – Return of the Kingdom Episode #3

  1. They will mourn because they never new HIM and HE never knew them.Gods children will rejoice if they see Him. JESUS CHRIST is returning to Jerusalem only because Jerusalem is the foodstool of His feet He brought salvasion to humanity from there and also there He will judge the world. Israel still rejects Him today only those who exept Him will be saved and that wont include all the jews it will only be a remnant the spiritual Israel.

  2. Indeed one couple ❤ reawakened in many couples and then through all nations. Revolution of love from the very core of diving duality of husband and wife into its children

  3. Revelation 2:9 that’s the only prophecies you all are fulfilling God is not with you guys you are not his beloved the biggest identity thieves in human history that’s what you guys are there is no salvation for you guys you are the children of Esau and edom The most high God has sent you guys a strong delusion so that you would believe a lie that you may never come to the knowledge of truth! The real children of Israel are still scattered and have been since your ancestors put them on slave ships and scatter them around the world Esau God knows who you are you ain’t fooling nobody

  4. Thank you guys for Blessing me tonite ,
    I always wondered why some Jews don't accept Jesus as saviour and some do , now I know . ❤
    I will learn more . again thank you 🙏🇮🇱✝️🐑

  5. Thank you for this ministry! As a gentile it makes my heart glad to see the Holy Spirit providing such clarity. Thank you Father for Your continuing work. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  6. I happened to chance upon this video on YouTube today (3rd Dec. 2023) in the afternoon. But as I was listening I was so humbled to note that two days back the Lord kept leading me to read the book of Zechariah and today early morning he brought to my attention the crucial parallels of the previous killings of Hebrew babies and the horrific killings of so many children on 7th Oct. Pharaoh, Herod and now 7th Oct. And He told me meditate on how He moved to make a spectacular entry those past times, It was like He was saying to me – "My return is just round the corner."!! When I happened to chance upon this video and got curious to know what was being discussed, it was like I could hear God once again reminding of what he has been saying to me since a couple of days. I love Israel and I know that EVERY Word of God is true – NOTHING will go unfulfilled from His Word. I'm eagerly looking forward to His return but in the meantime I know His plans for the blinded Jewish people are in full swing and they need our prayers to come to the point when they can excitedly says – Baruch haba b'Shem ADONAI! Tons of blessings in Christ Jesus – Yeshua Hamashiach! What a Great and Merciful God we serve!

  7. Thank you. Amazingly uplifting giving hope and excitement. So timely! All honor and glory to the Living God of Abraham, Izak and Jacob in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  8. Praise Yeshua !!! Messianic rabbi Zev Porat proclaims " Let's bring the gospel back to Israel andGO HOME!" Amen!!! I love your ministry. So many times i just weep with joy! I support your efforts and i just know i am receiving blessing because of it. I pray for the Jewish people to come to Messiah Yeshua! God bless you and keep you safe and bless your efforts!

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