Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media interviewed Pamela Geller about her upcoming protest at the City University of New York where anti-Israel activsit Linda Sarsour is giving the commencement keynote address. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/ezra_levant_may_17_2017

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    25 replies to "Pamela Geller: Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour to speak at CUNY"

    • John Doe

      Supporting Palestinian "terror" against Israel? Call me when you oppose Israeli terror against Palestinians and banning IDF Soldiers from entry you fucking Jewish hypocrites.

      Feminism, Islam and Judaism are all malignant cancer growths.

    • peppi pepp

      Do i want a muslim working in a newclearplant? Hell no kick then out.

    • Ban the quran

      Loudmouth sosour is the ugliest biggest bigot and nefarious human being and needs to be stoned to death cuz she is a vd scab on mohameds putrid balless prick!!!!!

    • Ernest Henry Solomon

      What if we just deport her to Saudi Arabia that she hails so much and see how much she likes it out there.

    • -oh ko

      Like this lady

    • Andreas Revheim

      I don't get why it's anti Semitic to dislike Israel

    • The_Rockness

      We shouldn't shut her down, that's what they do. Just call her out on her bullshit.

    • Yenovk Pashalian

      linda sansour u r wasted human being. u dont even look like human.with all that make up u look like an egyptian mummy. u dont even look like a woman.my guess will b a transgender ,lesbian plus u r shame to humanity.what a garbage u r

    • Red Pilled By Youtube red

      islamic suprmicy on the rise

    • Mohamed Ali

      America was built on slavery and genocide and it is true. And that doesn`t make her Although I am not a fan of liberalism/feminism but I really love the left to conquer the West bigly and shut these MF up.

    • James Morgan


    • Ralph A. Wolf

      Linda Sarsour is a stupid, anti-semitic cow… cheering the Muslim butchers that will inevitably slit her throat.

      She has accrued very powerful enemies that will eventually put her out of misery. There are no safe places for this evil woman to hide.

    • Colored Bad

      I'm not going to "go on NarciccistBook" …no thanks. I hate jews equally as much as I hate muslims.

      Have fun fighting each other, while I live in peace.. And if you actually accomplish something fighting the islamafication of the west, then thanks for the benefits!

    • VKVDM

      Deport this peace of shit

    • S VM

      Lmaaao this woman has the audacity to accuse Christians of genocide and slavery when she is a MUSLIM?! It's not even that she has a glass ceiling, she has no ceiling at all, and no walls, and no floor. What a joke. Go learn about your own history, idiot.

    • bob johanson

      oh you mean she can go and talk,huh, fucking DOUCHEBAG liberals

    • TheHylianJuggalo


    • originalCN4

      Send her back to palestine

    • Cecilia Amirati

      OMG AND OMG Outrageous!  They cannot be for real !  CUNY allowing her this platform is betrayal on so many levels!

    • Jonathon Farrell

      fuck the fucking Jew's….

    • Mike Mckay

      Lol @ FGM hats from a culture that promotes the genital mutilation of young boys

      Hypocrite much?

      And since when has criticising a leader of a country OR a country the same as criticising everyone of the same race that is the majority in that country? So calling someone an anti semite for criticising the actions and behaviours of Israel or its leader is NOT the same as criticising anyone and everyone who is of the same race. Infact if that was true Israel would be an anti semitic country due to how much time it spends criticising muslims and arabs many, if not most of whom are semites

      the hypocrisy is strong in these Zionist shills 😀

    • bearcat648

      Zionist Pamela Geller called for Israel to attack Europe with nuclear weapons if it is ever attacked itself. Here is a quote:

      >And I pray dearly that in the ungodly event that Tehran or its jihadi proxies (Hez’ballah, Hamas etc) target Israel with a nuke, that she retaliate with everything she has at Tehran, Mecca, and Medina……………

      >Not to mention Europe. They exterminated all their Jews, but that wasn’t enough. Those monsters then went on to import the next generation of Jew killers. (This New Hatred Comes from Muslim Immigrants. The Jewish People are Afraid Now)

    • Ashutosh Jayaswal

      Linda Sarsour is trying to turn USA in to KSA by pushing the agenda of KSA/islam, since KSA can't become USA, islam and it's sympathizers can never do any good to humanity at large. CUNY must not give platform to such a scumbag/terrorist.

    • Andronakis

      Got my Masters at CUNY. We were taught Marxism as a SCIENCE and NOT a theory, by 100% openly MARXIST professors. Every project/every "study", every article we read was some propaganda SJW BS. They indoctrinated students to be victims.

    • Tyson Leaf

      Rebel, you're fucking up. You're undoing all the good that's been done in showing the world exactly how fucking stupid the left can be in their efforts to deplatform anyone they disagree with. Sarsour is reprehensible. But she should still allowed to speak. Let her destroy herself.

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