The remarkable Pamela Geller speaks at the CANADA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE in Toronto and wins the crowd!



Kevin J. Johnston


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    • Elizabeth Dyer

      Sound is muffled…buy love Pamela

    • Michael Blair

      What a woman wow

    • christie biscuts

      Sound is so bad I don't understand what Pam was saying?

    • Aedre Bletsung

      Also I think the snowflakes confuse the Jewish people with the Zionists. People need to educate themselves the extreme difference between the two before they get a bit too trigger happy.

    • Aedre Bletsung

      I noticed in this comment section here the hostility and violence towards the jewish people and christians, the snowflakes admitted they want to murder jewish and christian people as their form of being the better people lol. I guess they are jewishphobes and christianphobes. And LOL OMG calling the Israel people terrorists , i have yet to see christians , jewish people , and Israel people invade countries and assert their beliefs on others like Islam,Nazis, communism, and socialism does. I guess you cannot cure the disease called stupid.

    • Marie Si

      This brave woman is doing her part lest's do ours.

    • CountryClassic495

      I SO wanted to listen to this speech but the acoustics in that venue are HORRIBLE and I could understand very little of the speech…had to turn off. dangit!!

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    • Jesse Catherine

      Israel is a terrorist state responsible for more terrorism perpetrated on the American people than all other countries COMBINED! They attacked the USS Liberty, the bombed the King David hotel which killed dozens of Marines. The five dancing Israeli's who went on live TV in Tel Aviv just days after 9/11 claiming they were there in Manhattan to DOCUMENT THE EVENT! clear evidence of prior knowledge. Larry Jew Silverstein just weeks prior to 9/11, picked up an insurance policy on the WTC towers with a clause that it would pay double for a TERRORIST ATTACK! He made billions on that day! Israel is our enemy!

    • Jane Cartwright

      Kevin J. Johnston : Can you please re-post the video of Ezra Levant's full speech at his "Toronto Freedom of Speech Rally against Motion M-103 – February 2017 " that you recorded for him ? It has disappeared off of You Tube, and it needs to be seen AND heard again.
      Thank you.

    • Rick Clarke

      The audio makes it unbearable to watch.

    • mathew murphy

      I bought Pamela’s book and I urge everyone to buy it show your support for this great lady. Pamela opened my eyes all those years ago with her website atlas shrugs so I taught myself about Islam and of course with the help of Robert spencer.

    • James Simmons

      Sorry can't enjoy this video because of the hollow, echoing sound quality. You need a professional sound person who knows how to eliminate the effects of a poor speaking environment. This video was clearly made by someone who did not use a directional microphone and proper audio sofeware. In other words, an amateur.

    • Russell Garr

      Poor audio quality.

    • paul alexander

      Pamela warrior princess!

    • Ellie Wong

      No award for the first woman to fight strongly against evil.shariah law…and tries to help us all…she should have way more support…..

    • MorningGlory

      You can do what you want to do, get a gun and if the muslims approach you, kill them in self defense. They already made the threats to murder you so you are justified in killing them for getting to close. Put a restraining order on all of them, like I have, cuz they threatened me and my family too. They are history and going to the lake of fire, just like the murderers of my dad, mom, aunt, and harmers of my son with electronic weapons, lake of fire cuz they are cowards , like muslims are cowards.

    • Slosh Mike

      Yeah the audio is horrible.  I can't understand 90% of what she's saying.  Sounds like a lot of murmuring.

    • Justin Trudeau Cringe Channel

      Wow Pam has some nice curves, good angle Kevin

    • jack g

      can you please clean up the voice or audio. Its muffled and difficult to understand. I really want to hear what she has to say. One of my heros.

    • Derrick

      Thanks for sharing the video. I never seen her speak.

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