Pat Condell calls out the double standards at Google. Subscribe to his channel:

    2 replies to "Pat Condell: A Word To The Google Feminists"

    • Lin Dorton

      Excuse me, this is just your opinion. I am a retired person who has held a number of jobs around the world. I moderate comments so I can live in a beautiful place. I don't moderate youtube- however I do moderate comments. You should read the comment rules on each site you post comments. You have no idea how hard it is to stop threats, fights, and name calling, harrassing people, finding Russian trolls, etc. I am disappointed you are dissing all moderators online because you have had a bad experience with commenting. I think all online commenting should be banned. And many of the youtube videos available should be deleted. Do not judge who moderates your comment, you old dotard. You have offended me and I have my own opinions too. Poland is my ancestors' home. What I moderate has nothing to do with Poland. You don't understand moderation- try getting a job instead of trolling the internet. It's trolls like you who make this job hard. And what makes you think all moderators are WOMEN you bastard macho creepo. You are a horrible person. You should work for Trump. or Putin.

    • Higherseeker

      Hey Pat ….. with all your moral posturing …. why are you not mentioning the mess in South Africa?

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