All credit to the voice of reason, Pat Condell.

No Tithing From Within https://youtu.be/NU-J9MPiNF8
Full Respect To Islam https://youtu.be/ob0QkAhKyA0
Alas Dear Moslem Keep your snack bar https://youtu.be/-4zOL-rh0bk
Hello Angry Christians https://youtu.be/dp9QaQViZbU
Queen Of Queens https://youtu.be/WQCc9FuwZJU
Welcome to Saudi Britain, Sharia law https://youtu.be/mfDGrokEo8Y
Ban The Burka https://youtu.be/hAfmztS6pL8
Pat Condell Censored https://youtu.be/AQ2snB94ZRE
UK State Sponsored, Christian Based, Covert Harassment/Stalking/Targeting & Sanctioned Child Abuse- https://youtu.be/j4ynPH5p1Bs

All credit to pat condell https://youtu.be/oSZYN8UV6yg Pat Condell- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWOkEnBl5TO4SCLfSlosjgg Mirrored as common sense & truth is often censored to protect corrupt agendas.

    7 replies to "Pat Condell- An Irish Joke About Mick The Prick"

    • Theresa Dunne

      I'm Irish and not sensitive. me and my friends tell paddy jokes a lot. its a sad world if you can't laugh at yourself. sure he was probably Muslim Irish

    • Violetta Bennich

      Mr Condell, I like listening to you so much that I could marry you! Brilliant speeches, every one of them, coupled with a caustic sense of humour, they are music to my ears and mind. Thank you!

    • Another Day In Ireland

      What's your favourite Irish Jokes ?

    • Tony Ellero

      Irishman wandering around the pub parking lot, looking confused. Policeman approaches him and asks what he's doing. Irishman replies "I'm looking for my car!" Policeman asks "where did you last see it?" Irishman holds up his car key "It was right here on my key!" Now policeman sees Irishman's penis is hanging out of his trousers, says "Do you know I could haul you in right now for exposing yourself?" Irishman looks down and says "Oh my gawd! They took my girlfriend too!"

    • David Clifford

      Good O'le Pat. Here my favourite Irish Joke. Paddy and Murphy are out and about and they walk past this lumber yard and they see this this sign "TREE FELLERS WANTED". Paddy say's to Murphy, "Dat's a shame, if Patrick was here, we coulda had dat job" BOOM! BOOM!

    • Derek Stynes

      Well said Pat and this 'paddy' wishes you would run for mayor of the great city of London where I live!

    • Darren Swift

      We'll never know what that guy really thinks about the system he took advantage of. He probably still believes in the gold standard….

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