Pole Shift imminent The Safe Zones, Poles May Flip & Things Could Get Really Bad must see

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    17 replies to "Pole Shift imminent The Safe Zones, Poles May Flip & Things Could Get Really Bad must see"

    • Joe D

      That's why the Libertarians were founded !!

    • V Wilt

      I've downloaded apps to learn I'm 60. I've tried. am gonna be left here

    • Morijke Nelson

      why is it always about america ?? so only usa is going to have pole shift ? so we are allsafe from this ?? except you guys am in uk so am safe ??????????????????

    • Shubhasya Shigram

      Only Indians are capable of doing things right. Its recorded . We know this at the back of our palms. People in Material comfort wonderland wont get it. They are convoluted in their Ego.
      It has nothing to do with x or hurricane , outside objects or aliens or earth centric shallow thinking.
      People who know , know it.

    • B Brunson

      This video makes some great points. However, what about the Karma train when it relates to Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Sudan, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Iraq, Etc? Yeah you’re right about the country in which you live. However, where are you going to go … Mexico, or maybe South Africa? What if the United States ever did anything that was right? What if the United States once saved the world from tyranny? I don’t know. I think you’re right and when the US is gone, then where will you run? Please tell me. Will it be as good as the United States?

    • SeeTheWholeTruth

      You have a LOT of research to do. Why on earth would you equate eclipse passages as the end all telling of what the world is going through? You dont have to look any further than the sun and the weather cycles. Why do you want to look for a passing planet… That is an instant goodnight earth scenario, so why even think about it? Are you not ready to go? You should be ready every second. It doesnt take a world ending moment to end life. If you dont live that way, you certainly wont be ready.
      Florida? Yeah, thats nuts. Do some research. If you can, there are far better places to be. Better people, better resources, better communities and governments. You think its hard to move, think about how hard it will be when you and millions of others HAVE to go at the same time. Somalia right now, 640,000 displaced due to floods. India, north and south complete farm and living conditions broken down.
      I dont know how much time you can invest, but you really need to look around there are great channels following this in far better detail. You couldnt do anything but benefit from utilizing them. "Channeled??" Man.. history is verified, so is science. The minimum we are going through is historic and exactly as predicted. I have to think you are talking about Cayce's prophecies. Well.. you dont need to look any further than how badly the planet and sun and magnetosphere are taking a beating now. They are all related to the quakes and shifts and environment changes. Right down to indians recounting of the madrid fault quakes from 200 years ago. The animals acting as they are, the colors and changes in the skies. It has all been so and it all ticks down the clocks on things that are impending and mostly past due changes.
      Nothing here is new. Its just not going to be delivered to you on what to expect, they will never do that.
      Glad you like Dutch. You should really utilize mrmbb333 here And his webpage for round the clock tracking information. None of this stuff is disconnected. Nor does it require "giant" incoming planet dooms to look at. You cant do anything about that. YOU CAN HOWEVER, pay attention to what the changes are going to be, how long they will last, and what they will mean for you and your loved ones. Food. Water. Where and what will be long term work. Manage those and help others to do the same.
      You want a knowledge base that is best? Indoor farming. Aquaponics/vegetable towers, fish, water systems. Wind power, you can use for just about everything. Solar has a consumer chain necessity you may or may not be as able to maintain. You pay wind with water/gas rams, there isnt anything you cant manage in a modern fashion, with very little needs from the outside. And your farm can seed others, with fish or plants and maintain a foodchain far beyond seasonal.
      Monsanto got sold to Bayer. And if you research that you will know.. they and dupont do this all the time. Sell holdings between each other and name change and repackage. Once again, nothing new. It is how they avoid all the fallouts of their products.
      "Spaceforce"? Look man the first day of his new appointee a couple days ago.. SHUT DOWN ALL PROGRAMS, first DAY! Once again, recent news. You gotta get.. they are about to shut down elections, throw in the towel with democracy, and let the natural disasters shatter the modern world here.
      Fema already stated earlier this year.. WE HAVE NO MONEY. You better prepare for yourself.
      This first world nation is about to turn third or barely second world in no time. The rich are on a firesale for all they can get out of here before they leave. Its that simple. Thats why trump threw up another trillions budget fallout. They dont believe we are going to survive or continue.

      Cmon man.. "those aliens" stories.. are nonsense. There is nothing you could do about it. Nothing. Why bother? Trumps news nonsense is nearly always the opposite of what his actions are. And if you want to believe anything about aliens, know this, they were the cast down and out. They dont come out in the open because they simply cant. Our world is not for them. Maybe pockets under the ground. But.. why do you imagine all the religions of the world depict all evils as being forced under the ground? Why do their ships get seen or noticed? Lets look at history.. they are here. Just because they can do things with resonance we dont have in mainstream.. doesnt mean they have a decent moral alignment capability with us.
      We werent supposed to have those things. For a good reason.
      You know.. I am listening to you talk about these things that are so good about "aliens", but you have some sense in your head. Tell me this, why are they not here, or in the open, or in our reality? Dogma? No. Just common sense. They cannot live here. They have been pushed out. Now.. who do you imagine has that authority?
      You want to make aliens above God? Please.
      Resonance and the will of God is what they tap for their power, and He cast them out for that reason, as well as how they want to overlord His creation and his Will that springs life where it should by His Design.
      Look at water memory science. They can take a single DNA strand, use resonance on it, and then record what resonance comes off that.. THEN anywhere else in the world or anyplace obviously.. they can put nothing but building blocks of broken DNA in there.. and use that recorded result resonance on it.. and guess what gets built? The original DNA structure.

      Now.. what is more pervasive or obvious in reality than the intelligent design, and maintenance of those designs.. through the ever present waves of resonance from creation upon where it is meant to be?? Now.. take aliens and their use of anti grav.. awesome zeropoint energy nonsense… even our own attempts and destruction of atoms.. What are they tapping? Life, resonance, the eternal.
      Furthermore.. you get very clearly how someone like a divine resonance is sent to lead, for its awareness of how the dissonance is building. You want middle men failed or distant older parts of creation to come lord over you? You are missing the obvious. They were here.. they got cast out. They cant live among us. There is a force greater than they, and it has had its final say on the matter. And if we begin to tap those same eternal resonances we are going to be shattered as well.

    • Nevenka Neva

      se enkrat se povezite z mano…pa prvo povejte vse o tem….da vas nebom spet ,,pozabila,,

    • Nevenka Neva

      all is com from CIA and reptil

    • Nevenka Neva

      alli is ok..dont wory..nevenka vuk malivuk is hier…

    • Sandra Watts

      i thought Monsanto sold out to Bayer.

    • Linda Beach

      In the April eclipse line do you realize it was 70 miles wide? Did you know it hits ALL of the " Salem" cities? Do you know what Salem means? Salem was Jerusalem and stands for Michilzadek the king of righteousness. Which was Elohim who was here already.. Why do you think Abraham gave him his tithe?.. Because he was YHWH God..our heavenly Father.. Coincidence?.. I think not.. YHWH says he put signs for us..look up what Ive said if you dont believe me..wow..we are so close to going to the Shameyim!

    • Sandra Watts

      i live 22mi. from Yakima and theyve told the poor people that live right under it that its safe to go back home yet the concrete factory isnt going back to workand its just across the road from the homes.

    • Single Wilson

      Weather manipulation technology

    • Single Wilson

      Weather manipulation technology

    • Single Wilson

      Weather machine

    • thea codes

      People will see messages before the event when they are in the loving, helping, protecting roles …

      Follow your instincts ?⭕️?

    • macman3175

      Florida will be under water all the way up to Tallahassee.

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