Pole shift of the MOON Captured on film 2018

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    • Charee Hatch

      I know something happened the moon is WAY to the left and low. It's also complete white like the sun. I do not see any dark area on the moon. Also the sun comes up farther to the right. It's no longer above my house it's above the school. It's is very hard to find the moon now unless for some reason it's to low. I know it's the pole shift it's just weird to see it this way. This change did not happen over years and years and years it's like in the last 3 months.

    • N Capos

      Just a combination of various phases of the moon and where an earth bound observer happens to be as both moon and earth rotate. Don’t be afraid!

    • Colonel Landon

      What about a picture of moon now?where's Tyhco,now brown cow?.

    • Jennifer Davidson

      Wow! I believe you're right!! Omygosh!!! Wow!!!!

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