President Donald J. Trump addresses the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an event of the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas.

    13 replies to "President Donald J. Trump: 2018 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum"

    • Barbara Houk

      TY for say no criminal city safe havens; throw out the political people putting in these policies.

    • Barbara Houk

      If one is going to vote Republican, the Republicans running need to not hold the ideas of Marxism, Nihilism, Post Modernism, and Islamic ideas. The ideas have to be of Reformed Judaism, Reformed Christianity, deism and rational atheism again.
      In simple English the banning lying, stealing, cheating, adultery in business, murder, jealousy and envy again.

    • Ping

      Just a liberal just saying hi how are you!

    • warmsunny today

      Analysts place a strong sell on Dick’s Sporting Goods stock. That means dump it as fast as you can.

    • zmanstrong41

      Yes that's what we need police equipped like military….. That way when they act like blue Isis they have the military gear to do so. I am not anti law enforcement but I am against militarizing the police force that supposed to Serve and Protect

    • Charles Ball

      Oliver North? Seriously? The man who sold weapons to Iran so that he could buy weapons for terrorists in central America.?

    • name please

      trump is the devil.

    • Longtrailside

      Didn't talk about anything to to protect or pass legislation for pro gun rights, just a bunch of jibber jabber about politics and BS. Would have been nice if he said he was going to use his presidential power to reverse a lot of these anti gun laws, and help states out that are drowning in anti gun laws.

    • Henry Solstice

      I love Donald Trump. Life member of the NRA.

    • Justin S

      So…Ollie North, huh? And you don't see anything wrong with that?

    • RBon2wheels

      Let's talk about guns,shall we?

    • RippingLips3

      You know one someone disliked this video is most likely a butthurt democrat

    • Francisco F. Pincho

      Lock her up already"

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