Q & A with Amir Tsarfati – Barry Stagner

Sluit je aan bij Amir Tsarfati en Pastor Barry Stagner voor Q & A, waarin je je vragen over Bijbelprofetie en actuele gebeurtenissen beantwoordt!

Is het mogelijk dat Israël zich zou kunnen uitbreiden naar Jordanië? En wat is de toekomst van de Palestijnse autoriteit? Ik stel deze vragen vanuit een profetisch standpunt. (5:40)

Wat is de opmaat naar de oorlog in Ezechiël 38? (10:10)

Gelooft u dat Psalm 83 een onvervulde profetie is en mogelijk nu in vervulling gaat in het licht van de aanvallen op Israël door de vijanden die hen omringen? (12:40)

Gaat Israël Gaza overnemen? Wat zijn de plannen met de grond daar? (17:29)

Heeft de huidige Amerikaanse regering op een of andere manier invloed op Israël, positief of negatief, zonder dat dit in het Amerikaanse nieuws is verschenen? (22:25)

Zien we vandaag de dag de vervulling van Lukas 21:10 – dat natie tegen natie en koninkrijk tegen koninkrijk zal opstaan? (28:15)

Is het het meest logisch dat de oorlog in Ezechiël 38 na de opname zou plaatsvinden, omdat deze rechtstreeks met Israël te maken heeft? (35:15)

Weten we wie Damascus zal vernietigen? (38:20)

Weet Israël dat een van zijn gijzelaars daadwerkelijk nog in leven is? (38:40)

Is het mogelijk dat Rusland betrokken was bij het helpen van Hamas bij het bedenken van een strategie voor deze aanval, gezien zijn rol in de Ezechiël 38-oorlog? (47:10)

Moet er vóór de opname een massale Joodse immigratie naar Israël plaatsvinden? (50:30)

Is China hierbij betrokken? (55:35)



Join Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Barry Stagner for Q & A, answering your questions about Bible Prophecy and current events!

Is it possible Israel could expand into Jordan? Also, what is the future of the Palestinian authority? I’m asking these questions from a prophetical standpoint. (5:40)

What is the prelude to the Ezekiel 38 war? (10:10)

Do you believe that Psalm 83 is an unfulfilled prophecy and is possibly in the process of being fulfilled now in light of the attacks on Israel from the enemies surrounding them? (12:40)

Is Israel going to take over Gaza? What are the plans with the land there? (17:29)

Is the current American administration influencing Israel in any way, either positive or negative, that is not been in the American News? (22:25)

Are we seeing the fulfillment of Luke 21:10 today – that nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom? (28:15)

Does it make the most sense that the Ezekiel 38 War would take place after the rapture because it is directly dealing with Israel? (35:15)

Do we know who will destroy Damascus? (38:20)

Does Israel know that any of its hostages are, in fact, alive? (38:40)

Is it possible that Russia was involved in helping Hamas strategize for this attack given its role in the Ezekiel 38 War? (47:10)

Does there need to be a massive Jewish immigration to Israel before the rapture? (50:30)

Is China involved in any of this? (55:35)

23 gedachten over “Q & A with Amir Tsarfati – Barry Stagner

  1. Pastor Barry, your "soapbox" moment was necessary, pertinent and so critically needed to be said. The Bible says we should support Israel.

  2. Thank you all for sharing these very important biblical world events. Praying for Israel, all people struggling to understand their beliefs and align with our Lord.

  3. I pray Israelis call on Messiah to save them I pray for the hostages to have a hedge of Angels around them.
    Holy Spirit comfort those who have lost loved ones and those who have loved ones held incapacity.
    Heavenly Father I ask Your hand will be over Israel and Your wisdom in the mi d's of Bi Bi and those in command
    In the Name of He who is Called Wonderful, and Mighty Counsellor. Amen

  4. Many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it. Thnx our Brothers Amir & Barry for keeping us focussed. Shalom from Mish & Jon

  5. Praying for you all Israel and all of Israel's people may God help and show his powers to the whole world and let this world know and see God's power and show that Israel's are the Apple of his eyes so that never again raise their heads unto Israel

  6. Norm Finkelstein accused Israel of “cutting the grass” every so many years to kill palestinian children. I’ve never even heard of that term but you probably have Amir. Finkelstein is a terrible person.

  7. Would you consider requesting of Candace Owens an opportunity to go on her show her platform to respond to the lies that she allowed Norm Finkelstein to spew for an hour. She thinks because she had a very intelligent, well spoken musician, comedian, impressionist on her show that she is balanced having Norm on but Norm is an academic intellectual who has been hating Israel and worshiping Palestinians long before Ami Kozak was born.

  8. Daniel 8:12 says …and truth was thrown to the ground.
    Commentators have a different interpretation of this passage. However, in light of current news coverages, I wonder if there's any application to information censoring.

  9. As this hostage swap winds down, Israel needs to verify that Hamas has live hostages. You don't really know how many missing persons are alive.

  10. I think allowing the abductees to return for this truce is morally right if you were to ask me I can tell you God is love unless you dont believe. Dont worry about the Hamas regrouping. First, we have many Christians praying for the release of the abductees n so God has heard. Second, we will never wipe those terrorists out completely to zero effectiveness or to the last one. Thirdly, when Israel govt moves this way it is only humanely for civilians good. Let's cast all yes all our burdens to our Lord and trust Him to take care of the circumstances

  11. I stand by Israel and her people all over the world and the innocents. Please God strengthen them and give them your divine love. In the glorious name of Jesus Christ Amen. 🙏✝️🇺🇸✡️🇮🇱

  12. Any kind of deal that releases terrorists seems like it's gonna hurt Israel. It's bitter sweet . Israel is getting tortured family members back while Hamas is getting soldiers back.

  13. it is simple for me, but the fact that there is worldwide Jew hatred and Anti Semitism proves that God exists. Ths is indeed a spritual war

  14. Amir, you mentioned 1994 – we know who was occupying 1600 Penn at the time (“Bubba”). One of his friends who was personal counsel to him and Hildabeast courted Arafat for years (one of his clients was Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated three days after he left her at Rawalpindi great timing, one would say). Never could understand the attraction other than 💰💰💰 (he never saw a dime though). From 2014-2019, each time I was in Geneva and parked at the remote North Ramp, Yasser’s old Lockheed JetStar was sitting there (I would go over and relieve myself on it knowing he was enjoying his 72 virgins).

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