Remember the time before youtube, when in order to scare ourselves we had to wait for movies to come out about serial killers, or burn victims with metal claws that came for us in our dreams. Now, we are just a youtube search away from absolute surreal freakery.

Their disturbing preoccupation with death coupled with their complete inability to cope with it is what so deeply sickens me about these losers. Thank god I am about as far away from Houston as you can get.

P.S. This pathetic, weak minded, limp dicked, wimpy psychopath went on to make 25 more videos and counting. I guess the rapture is on hold, and or, the creator of the universe is direct messaging this goober to make more videos.

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    30 replies to "Rapture Imminent – This will be my last video"

    • TheKomentor

      Wonder what his explanation now to himself and the world is for the rapture not arriving yet.

    • HeidiTheChubbyBunny

      January of 2017….. still nothing… I'm getting old…

    • Jim Meshtick

      lord demands you give all your wealth away, burn your house down and stick a cactus betwixt your buttocks!

    • wp4866

      please, sillyass xtians, don't stop talking about your imminent return yarn. it brings me loads of entertainment.

    • dianalee84

      "OH Fortuna,like the Moon,..blah blah I bare my back for your scrouge yada yada..Everybody Weep" Karl Orfs lyrics are BadAss! Carmina Burana is an Epic of musical Sado Masochism! You the Man Karl!! Oh yes..And great video as always Roo.

    • TheLance3185

      So fucking funny.

    • Sir Lance Goodthrust

      this is the brain on religion. Note creatards – you all sound like this freak

    • ufxpnv

      2:34 to tell us that Religious people are fucked in the skull. LMFAO

    • Ebi fuon

      Holy crap! People still believe in this shit. When I was a kid I would pray the rapture really was real so God would take all the annoying religious, p.c and the black lives matter types off the planet so we sane people could actually start making the world a better place. Now I'm just sad cause we are fucking left with them 🙁

    • wolfie498

      Faggy little drama queen mongaloid.

    • mike sandmire

      Now that his emotional plea didn't push us into the end days, is he back to doing videos?

    • Samos900

      I guess nobody on the planet was worthy? We're all still here.

    • Mark Copley

      We are still all here you fuckwit

    • AntiReligious

      This is the last thing I type. Goodbye all and I shall see you all in the afterlife party. Well almost 🙁

    • YuhNinja

      Its been 2 years, so when the fucks that shit happening? HUH!?

    • Barnaby ap Robert

      "And the Harold Camping Dumbshit Award goes to…[opens envelope]…"

    • Barnaby ap Robert

      So, to christians "imminent" means "In 4 billion years when the expanding Sun consumes the Earth" ?

    • BANE616

      0:15 Unleashing the guns, he nearly pushed his bedroom walls over… Hell; he nearly generated a singularity. Guy needs to be careful waving those guns around, those cannons, those.. howitzers of the lords righteous judgement.

    • Maxx Kroes

      If I was so sure I would go to heaven after I died, I would do everything to make sure I died quickly.
      Suicide is not permitted, but I would build a machine that would take care of that too.
      Call me, I can help with your rapeture.

    • freshair3451

      There's a rubber room somewhere, with this boys name on it.

    • Poppy M

      This kid is just sad, he's way too young to be gone this far. I hope he grows out of this Bible Freak phase…

    • eric vulgate

      this is why we can't have nice things

    • randolph patterson

      10 a.d. — "The rapture is coming soon!" 150 a.d. — " The rapture is almost upon us!" 1066 — "The rapture is imminent!" Dec.25th, 1642 — "The signs are clear, the rapture is going to happen any day!" 2016 — "All hail Trump & Palin!!!"

    • randolph patterson

      I just came here to see & hear the magnificent Andre Rieu…..

    • William Strumfels

      and its Feb 9 2016 still here some day humans will learn this is all bullshit

    • LadyJAtheist

      what did this guy's mother smoke while he was in the womb?

    • Brandon Christopher

      what's the name of this song please 😀

    • Natalie H.

      OMG the sneezing. I can't.

    • Mystic Fist

      Matthew Broderick has lost his mind. Or is it Jonathan Cryer?

    • Dee Cook

      Religion really brings out the stupidity in people. This guy has brainwashed moron written all over him. Personally, I hope to never see the POS again…even if there was a rapture. Who in their right mind would want to spend an eternity with that clueless SOB?

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