14 replies to "Rashida Tlaib isn’t just Radical she is DANGEROUS"

    • Richard P

      Cursing TRUMP in front of her nerd child. She needs to cover her head and walk behind men. Try that garbage speech back home and see if Allah will save you and your head

    • Kirenjit Jaura

      Praise God! I come in agreement with you and I support this video.
      Yes, Iihan Omar and Rashida's train of thought and logic is frightening. This is what I was worried about from the beginning and now its slapping us in the face. I pray that Iihan Omar and Rashida be removed from congress, not because they are Muslim or because they are women, but because of their logic and ideology of hatred towards North Americans and other faith's is too extreme and presents a horrific danger amongst our peaceful nations. In past history, radical Muslims only get relief and satisfaction once they have butchered and killed. This is they're form of peace. Personally, I'm not for butchering or killing of innocent lives. Not all Muslims are like this and I am grateful for them but the body language and behaviour of these two Muslim women and what they have said and stated in the past and most recently is a huge concern.

    • Con Amir

      We pay you to GO FORWARD!!!!

    • Bjorn Smith

      Brigette Gabriel, for the Congresswoman or President, if the law changes, she will defend the American people, the City of New York is allowing Muslim Community Patrol which will do the same time in Europe ban nonmuslim for entering, practice slavery of Children and paedophilia.

    • Pip

      Fake liberal media & politicians are nothing more than the globalist's whores.

    • nedboer

      The enemies of the USA have arrived in the government , why are they allowed to come in and ruin the land from within , I am afraid the USA is following Europe on its way to self destruction , 9-11 did not teach them any thing at all !

    • Bruce Gordon-Smith

      Democrats and lefties are racist nazi's spreading lies and deceit and helping the world to become islamic .

    • Iowarail

      Screw Israel and the Arabs, both of them are bad for the US.

    • yobbor

      The ongoing cycle of the leftist hypocrisy machine supporting terrorists and those who do not belong in elected office.

    • cars94

      Did the israeli voted for US offcials you piece of shut

    • whopper dopper

      Because there is no consequences for their actions….purely disgusting!

    • rebelray84

      God bless you, keep fighting the good fight and continuing to spread the truth!

    • julian guy


    • be dar

      Hello dear Brigitte, you are great and so inspiring. I beg you, go to a Latin Mass Catholic Church and kneel there. God will answer your prayers. Lots of love and may God bless you

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