(3 Dec 2018) Central European University is confirming that it will move its US-accredited degree programmes from the Hungarian capital of Budapest to Vienna from September 2019, as Hungary’s government is refusing to sign an agreement allowing it to stay.
CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff said Monday that the university “has been forced out”.
Ignatieff called it an “unprecedented” act against an American university by a NATO ally and against a European university by a member of the European Union.
CEU’s ouster is part of populist, anti-immigration Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ideological battle against Hungarian-American financier and CEU founder George Soros and his “open society” model.
The university said it would retain “accreditation as a Hungarian university and … continue teaching and research activity in Budapest as long as possible.”

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    12 replies to "Soros-backed university in Hungary confirms move to Vienna"

    • Mi-Mi Canterbury

      POOR VIENNA 🙁 Here come Fascism to brainwash the youth

    • Mi-Mi Canterbury

      SPREADING EVIL PROPAGANDA is NOT beneficial to Hungry, and Hungry is NOT against us Americans they are AGAINST George Soros and his EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER teachings in these Universities.

    • Ryan lex

      This is fake news😂😂😂

    • Russian Bot

      1:20 Yes it benefits Hungary you fucking globalist shill! Take your cancerous institution and GTFO!

    • eli dakate

      Hungary kicked out Soros university?  Great job less soros joo propaganda.  Hungary benefits less libtrards

    • Kay T taa

      Brilliant, Bye BYE

    • Margrit Künzler

      Bravo Hungary end Orban !!! 🙂

    • xlioilx

      academic freedom.. spreading fascism by infiltrating governments around the world because Soros thinks he is a king.

    • xlioilx

      Who benefits here.. people who don't like fascists!

    • xlioilx

      Sad for vienna These nazi's should be hunted down and strung up. GOODBYE FASCISTS!!!!

    • marekkurwa

      good news i see

    • R J

      Fuck off to Austria

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