The president discusses healthcare, immigration and the economy in his address to a joint session of congress.

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    30 replies to "State of the Union 2018 live stream: President Donald Trump delivers first SOTU Address | ABC News"

    • Daniel Decker

      Love watching those democrats steam!FUCK THOSE COMMIES!!!

    • steve gary

      does ABC tell the truth????? shit

    • steve gary

      shit news here

    • Philip Paul

      2:09:37 Best part in my opinion

    • BlueWise NinjaOwl

      How many Trump Haters have became Trump Converts after watching this?

    • Fritz Gilmore

      I see public officials setting still when he is talking about a better America. They are invaders and should have their assets frozen, their pay frozen until they are thorough investigation is conducted because this is a form of treason. They took an oath to uphold the constitution and serve the American people not foreigners. If found guilty they should go to jail and be forced to pay back every penny that they have received from tax paying Americans.

    • Isaac Ramjohn

      damn these people must be so tired after all those standing ovations like they doing squats damn

    • Ronnie

      awesome speech

    • Jeff Bingaman

      Sure isn't funny that he says the US is selling fuel because we have so much.
      Just pulled into the gas pumps to fill up for the week and apparently the price has jumped $ .20 -.30.
      Ain't that not funny.

    • Randall Bermudez

      Donald Trumps policies will lead to a reccession.

    • Ashish Patel

      Muh Russia collusion coming full circle. Plot twist it was the Democrats. ????

    • Garundi P. McGrundy

      Is it true, there's an Indian atop the Capitol dome?

    • Cuck ButtFurd

      The congressional black caucus look like a bunch of extras from "Coming to America". I wonder which ones clean the royal penis?

    • Daniel

      2 million mexican Dreamers have a chance to be u.s. citizens for the 1st time ever.Lowest unemployment rate ever.He gave the money back to the people,Lowest black,brown, white, yellow unemployment ever.Yes we have a shortage of skilled labor now.So he wants to bring them in the U.S not just by chance slave trading lotto system.The Top 1% 3/4 are who are Democrat.If you give people enough extra money to buy things like cars a lot of them will.If you stop the slave labor from coming across the border pay will have to and is going up.The Democrats forgot one group of people.They include every race cred and color and for the first time in a long time they are growing.I for one think we are way better off and the potus is trying very hard to find middle ground.

    • Hatch Mortimore

      Pigs in their PIGPIN!

    • Tyler Reyes

      Trumps cool and all, but there was some real corny shit in this speech

    • j I

      I can’t believe this bull. I mean really the First Nations people didn’t need to be governed to be set free. Had they’d known what they envisioned and were going to be slaughtered for this land that he has taken for himself. Never ever have I felt so violated by such filth. That’s what he is And nothing more. Nevermypresident

    • Nico Lucia

      Cheers to another 7 years of dank memes??

    • evan bryan

      Fuck this noize

    • KyllJoy

      Be careful! A lot of brainwashed sheep in the comments! #impeachtrump

    • GTR Wendy

      Abc always broadcasting crap.

    • Da Wei

      Clean coal? How on earth is coal clean?

    • That Car Guy

      Police are not heroes. They do not legally have to protect you, they legally need a low IQ, and they kill unarmed people daily.

    • Wigo

      No offense, but for people supposed to be representing our country, the democrats were so utterly disrespectful during this speech. Almost all of them during most of this were on their phones and not paying attention at all. Disgraceful.

    • Jesse Fabian

      Finally don’t see shitty biased comments.

    • Asher_ Saturdays

      This sucks no one wants to see a mexican hater

    • Jonathan Moskowich

      mkay so I'm retarded and don't know anything so who's the guy next to Mike Pence lol

    • Shawn Briquelet

      This speech as just sucking Americans dicks and blaaa blaaa blaaa. So now Trump 2020!

    • Yam barr

      MAGA?? That 40% rating feels good and rising!

    • Marico Levy

      nasty just nasty

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