An archive of the show from Monday 11-26-18.

Topics: Corsi, southern border, Ukraine, my theory about Russia, the deep state, the Ukraine, and George Soros.

    4 replies to "Subconscious Reload (11-26-18)"

    • Parcke075

      LOL Gary's attitude had me rolling in laughter when he said,'OK, then don't buy a book!'
      Bro some people out there are just so…(I don't know what to call it at the moment)…LOL…smh.

    • Parcke075

      Thankyou Gary Bro. That's a good point what you said about 26:36, "hungry youtubers" but some of us although veterans from military and fewer of the alphabet agencies are are also "hungry youtubers" but are genuinely MAGA patriotic, nothing like the likes of tyrants McMasters, Clintons, Soros, Acosta, Amorosa, and such. I still suspect Gowdy until he actually starts making charges and since he runs off to cnn to report.

    • Davee 313

      I like the 'snowing mic'. 😂 WWG1WGA MAGA 🕊🙌🍇🍞🐬

    • Susan Steveson-Carrels

      Are you still on Patriots Soapbox?

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