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Sid Roth with Brian Blount on It’s Supernatural! © 2018

Watch Brian Blount take Jesus to Walmart! Brian Blount says Jesus is calling ordinary, everyday believers to be themselves and step into the extraordinary works of the Kingdom. Right where you are!

What if the power of God broke loose at Walmart?
The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t very far. It’s at Walmart, Target and CVS. So if you aren’t encamped on a distant mission field, take heart. God, His Kingdom and its power are nearby, waiting for anyone-anywhere to take a step of faith. Brian Blount says just step out.

If you have a personal need, there’s no better way to open the floodgates of Heaven on your behalf!
So start somewhere, just be yourself and see where God takes you.

In From the Sanctuary to the Streets (Book), co-authors Charles Bello & Brian Blount remind you we are called to be friends of God in a natural but supernatural way. All you do is represent Jesus. There is no obligation to “perform” a miracle.

Have you ever wondered what your crown of glory will look like?
Brian can help you KNOW it is shining. He says it is easier when you learn how to include Jesus in the everyday places you go. Brian’s 3-CD set, Healing and Power Evangelism, focuses on:

• Jesus’ mission and ministry
• How to be yourself and represent Jesus
• A simple 5-step “how-to” model

Learn how to be yourself as you put Jesus on display with love and power. Your heavenly crown will thank you! Brian’s offer includes his video download, Kingdom Encounters, and a convenient 5-step reference guide.

Brian Blount has spent the last twenty years of his life equipping and training individuals, teams and churches to heal the sick, operate in words of knowledge, prophecy and demonstrate God’s Kingdom.

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    17 replies to "Taking Jesus to Walmart! | Brian Blount"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      "I go to Walmart, I go to the movies, I go to Wendy's . . . In every one of those mundane places we go, that's the mission of the Kingdom right there. It's the body being Jesus with skin on." – Brian Blount 11:33

    • JHN 8 BRH

      Anyone willing to pray for healing for my Nieces Juliana because the doctor's report say she has appendix. She's 6 years old.

    • Sylvia Brunger

      Go in My Name and because you believe others will know that I live. I agree so much with this! I regret not taking all the opportunities I could.

    • the cloak

      A lack of oxygen can affect many body parts and eyes can be one of them. This is so YAHsome!! Baruch HAshem 🙂

    • Roxanna Louis

      This has totally encouraged me as i need that push to step out on faith and do what God has told me to do! I love the ministry of healings and miracles! I pray i get this bold and fearless! As fear tends to stop me from doing what God tells me to do (randomly speaking to a person in the street or store or wherever) .

      Please pray for me that i continue to go out with boldness and without fear!

    • Lindsy Y.

      pray for me for the natural healing to come on my body. I have leukemia and i am doing chemo. please pray for all secondary effects and pain to go away. in Jesus' name!

    • Sarah Malachi

      "AS YOU GO"

    • UsuTa Couture

      Hallelujah Amen

    • Shalom God's child

      I am a Graphic Designer just like this man, God surely planned for me to watch this man. To God be the glory

    • Thouxanband Klue


    • Tamara Kaye

      Snake oil salesman

    • Mandy Cornelius

      Ayaya … i feel the power of God

    • Jane Henderson

      Hi Sid I have a freind Steve that has strayed from the Lord. He still has he imprint of Jesus in his heart , his mum is laying in a hospice in Townsville in Queensland Australia ying. Can I please ask you and your followers to Pray for Mum (Maud) for a mirical so that god work can be done in his whole family. Steve is constantly calling me for answers I can explain only so much I wish the lord to empower his love and kingdom upon Steve once again. Thank you in gods Name. Amen.

    • Kii ETIENNE

      The most encouraging satisfying show on the face of the planet. Glory be to YHVH.

    • elsa blue

      Amen and Alleluia! Heal me Jesus and heal through my hands in your beautiful Holy name I pray. Thank you Jesus for what you did for us. You are everything!

    • Michelle Richard-Calvin

      Glory to God

    • Just4FunDslee1

      Where are the doctors to back this story up

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