With Israeli journalist and expert Yisrael Medad we dive deep into the politics of the Temple Mount, the history of the ever-changing status quo, and the touchy relationship between Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Mideast politicians on the Holy Mount.

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Yisrael Medad the former director of Educational Programming and Information resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. He has served as a parliamentary aide to Knesset member Geula Cohen, and as an Adviser of International Affairs to cabinet minister Yuval Ne’eman. Medad has been profiled in the BBC and Haaretz and his work has appeared in the LA Times, Jerusalem Post, and Herald Tribune.

“Temple Mount Report” with hosts Doron Keidar and John Enarson, promises to be a valuable source of research, facts, up-to-date archeological discoveries – helping you sort through all the rumors and fads that are flooding the internet concerning the Temple Mount. Filmed on location in Jerusalem, it invites you to take a closer look at the holiest place on earth.

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    7 replies to "Temple Mount Politics (Ep 3) | Yisrael Medad | STATUS QUO | Religion"

    • J H

      What a great and informative video!!! Thank you for posting this!! Shalom!

    • 03poppa

      Thank you for this video, it was really interesting!

    • Petra Krönert

      i like your videos!!! A Nation witouth TEMPEL is not a NAITION and when GOD havent a TEMPEL with his LAW; there is no GOD, just lawbreaking. THE 3. -th TEMPEL must build after the Wars in Gaza and Damaskus finished. (gog and magog) as written in Esechiel Tora. With 30 big Bildungs that GOD and the holly profhets can return. THIS ja GOD'S wish and i wrote about this 20 years many books and therfore they cut all my Dokuments and can not work in nazi Europa and they try to kill me. I have for Gods Tempel and my religious books now 20 years no humanrihgt as a diplomteacher!!! How rule this World??? the satanistic Nazi Vatican or falsh kazar Muslims or bachometh worshiper how all worship demons/ dzsinns and Not God and his holly law!


      As a Christian I wish to see the temple rebuilt. Why it's so difficult is insane. I know Americans will support this.

    • Jeanne Amato

      A soul wrenching sacrifice.

    • The Ian Lev Experience

      Moshe Dayan made the mistake of a lifetime. In 1967 left the management of the Temple Mount to Jordan in order to show the world how humane they were. That really paid off, huh?

    • Lito Alonzo

      What is the KEY? For me and what I notice and reflect in my ministry to Muslim sometimes we across raised up the issue on the who had the legitimate right of Jerusalem (Old City) that led us to cuss the Temple Mount. Often I cited the discussion not used the Bible regards King Solomon who built the first Temple and Muslim well know it and affirm before Abdul Malik built the Mosque al-Aqsa in around 691 AD at the of former Jewish Temple they say! the question if Muslim knows the history of the former Temple now the al-Aqsa Masjid stood now the Holy area (known "Temple Mount") means they (Palestinian/Arab Muslim) simply ignore for racial pride than religious root problem per see. Then what KEY to inform and transform the pride and religious consciousness of Muslim world (as well Christian) to give up and allow Jew to rebuild the former Temple site?
      Because the Palestinian denied and the Arab and Muslim radical/extremist mindset and the Christian and other religions in the world particularly the United Nation member countries no idea how to ve the cycle of conflict and claimant I think beginning at present generation in any platform in social media is the most influencial and informative awareness beside in this YT like FB or Political places meet any Muslim if the subject is in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount they shall always referrence from the Muslim Holy Book. The Jew (politician, celebrity, social news, anywhere) challenge to feed them the argument "It Is Written In The Qur'an The Race Children of Israel (Arabic, Bani Israeli) or Jew (Yahudi)" mentioned over hundred times but NO SINGLE NAME or WORD state "PALESTINIAN the legal owner and worshipper in the "al-Aqsa" (means, furthest Mosque) mean refer to Jerusalem the Temple built by Solomon in all interpretation or commentaries of traditonal record of Muslim writers! So for me if this movement use every time had a chance any Israelite in the social world media for networking information used that argument cited in the Muslim Holy Book itself testify that Israel the right owner of the land or else they rebellion and blaspheme themselve to deny their sacred book! Then in the long run their be a transformation in the mind set of ignorant of historical rights of the Jews to the land of Eretz Yisrael among Muslim Arab particular the leaders or Kings. Example if Prime Minister Netanyahu everytime had opportunity talk to King Abdullah of Jordan or Prince Salman of Saudi or any Arab Gulf leaders mentioned their Qur'an that ONLY mentioned the Israeli People and nowhere mention Palestinian!

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