You were lied to about climate change.
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Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Greg Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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1997 Exxon’s Lee Raymond Speech at World Petroleum Congress

Rex Tillerson funded climate denial at Exxon. Now he’s suddenly a big fan of facts.

    17 replies to "The Biggest Lie About Climate Change"

    • Geoff

      Utter unadulterated bullshit.

    • Pablo Lacerda Silva

      Pretty hypocritical to hate fossil fuels and the planet-wrecking baby boomers, from the high horse of a first-world millennial lifestyle achieved by cheap energy fueled-economic growth. Also, let's talk about meat? Or is that truth too inconvenient?

    • jorge pearl

      CO2 has been increasing every year, passed 415 ppm these are FACTS, any process engineer makes this kind of calculations, so this is not weird science, this are FACTS

    • zygi22

      Climate change is real but let me tell you that the tree-hugging exercise in magical thinking, a.k.a the Green New Deal, will not solve it. It is nonsense and stupidity really.

    • FalconX79

      All the brainwashed idiots in the comments…

    • Levrai Posey

      Was there an ice age how did that change we people burning fossils back then? Come on man. Lies. The west are trying to change everything to Electric where people would not use oil, the Middle East is the primary source of oil. That where they west invaded to steal oil.they are tired of that now the new strategy is to have everything-electric which would bankrupt middle eastern countries

    • J. Carroll

      The "biggest lie" about climate change IS Climate Change… and the [pretense] of looming catastrophic planetary changes.

      Earth's climate is remarkably stable in reality, and there is absolutely no chance of any "runaway warming" or catastrophic changes due to mankind's energy production; the math isn't there; the science isn't there; computer models are not reality.

      Without some outside cosmic influence or unknown subcrustal, deep core event occurring in our planet, there is not enough sequestered carbon to disrupt the climate; the energy isn't there; the amount of releasable carbon is not significant; carbon absorbs only so much energy and the rest is radiated out into space; the "sponge effect" trumps the "greenhouse effect"- and the effects are measurable, and prove the Iris Effect right; no hot spot in tropics; decreasing "warming per PPM" per doubling of CO2; at most 1.5°C for 600ppm, then 0.7° for 1200ppm, then MAYBE 0.4° for 2400ppm and it would literally take millions of years for that to happen…

      Again, barring any sort of additional energy bombarding us from space; CO2 just cannot store energy forever, so the greenhouse effect is more effected by water vapor and other trace gases.

      That is what the science really says; like it or not; there is no looming catastrophe; climate indeed changes; life adapts; we adapt.

    • Kenneth Roberts

      This video is dog shit. See Tony Heller's channel for the truth. AGW is a SCAM. You don't know anything, soy boy.

    • John Gage

      A giant first step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions is to put a price on climate pollution. Congress is considering it with a bipartisan bill right now. Please support them doing it by sending them a quick email from here:

    • notthematrix3

      Lol solar minimum will burst you gobal worming bubble!!! yes there is a god , and it will show you humans are NOT in control of climate!
      saying they are in any way is a hoax! , co2 is not having any effect the sun rules thats it!

    • N L

      a crime against humanity worse than ever

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