The Hard Reality On The Ground – Israeli Paratrooper Master Sergeant Doron Keidar Interview

Today I interview with Master Sergeant Doron Keidar of Israels Elite Paratroopers who is on the forefront of this war.

Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant warned Hamas that it had made a “grave mistake” in launching the attack, which began at 06:30am local time (03:30 GMT) on Saturday and involved barrages of rockets fired from multiple locations in Gaza as well as fighters infiltrating the Israeli border by land, sea and air.
After following for a few days from home I grabbed my camera, and a plane ticket and have flown to Israel to cover the ongoing and escalating conflict.

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12 gedachten over “The Hard Reality On The Ground – Israeli Paratrooper Master Sergeant Doron Keidar Interview

  1. None of his boys did anything wong. Bombs did it. Not him. He and his boys are good. War did it. Guns did that. Not him or his boys. Holly shit Israelies are branwashed as hell. They think no one suffered like they did ? Waaaw. What an ignorence and lack of broad knowledge about the world.

  2. Im going to ask this again, once hamas is gone is Isreal going to help the Palestine peope rebuild gaza. Are the actual truth is yall hope the Palestine will just pick up and leave like they have done anytime people got tired of them. Are they welcome to stay are not.

  3. Remember the influence of communism in these groups is also very strong which is why you had very cruel and extensive pogroms against Jews. Yes many non religious jews were and are communists but there were also many muslims who joined with communists and joined the communist party in Russia. So we see all these groups can join together for the purpose of world domination. First Israel and then…………..YOU

  4. The brave soldiers and civilians of Israel are being let down by Israeli and Western politicians, who maintain close relationships with the Islamist puppet masters – the Qataris.

  5. God’s people will always recover!! Great and honest interview felt from his heart. That is a special military hero right there!!! God bless Israel 🇮🇱

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