The video YouTube don’t want you to see…

Dear Jpost,

I cannot believe the lengths that YouTube have gone to, just to stop you watching my latest video!

I put up a video about Tommy Robinson and I being BANNED on Facebook and shortly after I got the following messages:


Just look at how many countries my video is banned in! Including my own, the United Kingdom!

What an outrageous abuse of power!

This screenshot was sent to me by a friend of mine, asking where my latest video has gone:

YouTube have just removed it from my channel!

So – defiant as I am – I have uploaded it to a platform that will allow you to view it!

Here it is, the video that YouTube desperately don’t want you to see:

Please spread this post around as much as you possibly can as an act of defiance against this outrageous censorship!

Shame on YouTube… but let’s not let them defeat us!

No surrender.

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen



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