180 countries in lockdown is NOT because of ANY virus. That is just what you have to BELIEVE.

Governments follow the World Health Organisation that has planned this covid-19 crisis for 50 years. 50 years of preparation to lock down the whole world. Not because of your safety or health, but ONLY to push through their hidden agenda, mainly reducing the world population.

This is not a secret, Bill Gates for example teaches this to his business classes, you find lots of video’s about him actually saying this. President Trump has broken every relationship with this WHO, because it is a New World Order 100% CORRUPT satanic organisation, controlled by Satanists, paedophiles, ultra-rich multinationals and idiots like Bill Gates. China has most influence in the WHO.

The NWO wants China to be the example country in total control through face recognition camera’s and extreme fast internet connections. They have one big problem in common: overpopulation, meaning they strongly believe that there are too many people on the world and they need to reduce that in order for them to survive.

They managed after a preparation of +50 years to lock down the entire world.


NOT because of a virus, but to USE a virus as a distraction to push through their New World Order plans: installing superfast internet worldwide, register every person on earth with nano bots or chip implant (lots of people already have the chip because they asked for it), monitor them to find a reason to eliminate them. 5G is a invisible weapon used by the army for years already. It’s kills every life form at distance, without anybody seeing it, through high frequency electromagnetic radiation. Why do you think the doctor in the hospital protects himself when making x-ray pictures from your stomach? Because this radiation is deadly.

Same with 5G. Scientific proof about this is everywhere, but WHO ignores it, because their plans for total control are more important.


Although this is not 100% 666 the mark of the beast, it sure is the full preparation for it.
Important part of the NOW plan is to digitally track every person on earth. For this to be possible, every person needs to have a chip or nano bots inserted through vaccine. Nano bots are robots you can only see through a microscope. They are supposed to run through your blood and reach your brain. They connect with your DNA and can be identified on a distance by wireless 5G internet connection. This way they know where you are, who you are, how much money is on your bank, if you have any disease, your body temperature and much more. Fantasy? Make a trip to China, this is exactly what’s already operational there, because they want to be the example for the rest of the world. Now you see why Trump calls covid-19 the China virus?


The preparation for 666 the mark of the beast. It is a system (matrix) where they want to CONNECT every THING and every BODY to the internet.

That means they want our BODIES to become a NUMBER, because a number can be connected. Everything that can be CONNECTED, can be CONTROLLED.


Satan always tries to work out his plans of destruction before his time.

It depends for a great part on the real Christians if he will succeed. If nobody stands up to speak the truth and simply obeys the governments, it means there will be not enough opposition to stop them.

Do NOT believe me! Do your own research.

For example here you find the new world order masterplan that the worked on for 50+ years:



Waiting for 666 to come, is already too late, because it’s here under our nose and still many refuse to see it.

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