Debate over the counter jihad and the Shoebat effect on the movement.

    14 replies to "Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat School Eric Allen Bell"

    • Sharon Swain

      watch Walid smoking away lmao

    • Sharon Swain

      I may not like all he says but I love his truth on real subjects

    • Sharon Swain

      He is telling the truth on a number of subjects u have to admit .

    • Sharon Swain

      I'd like to know how he is privy to so many intimate pictures of isis cruelty .Real weird

    • catholic crusader

      Theodore and walid are true authentic followers of Christmas (Christians). keep up the good work my catholic brothers, we must fight for the truth and expose all these fake religions including some so called Christian sects. there is one true church and one true faith and one true baptism. anyone out of that is not part of the body

    • barka

      true,its all the plan of satan.mohamed,allah,all satan!satan tricks many many muslims,he wants to destroy many lives,take them to his paradise(hel)

    • Brian Martin


    • Sean Cooper

      Shoebat you're a pathetic, moronic, bigot. Come anywhere near me talking your bullshit, I dare you. You look like Prince fucked you up the ass you little pussy ass bitch.

    • Thomas McEwen

      Christianity is as bad as Muslims, atheists, the Nazis and Communists because the catholics killed 368 million innocent people. Thank you protestants for giving false information of murderous Christianity to God's enemies, there is a cost to slander and myths. thanks alot.

    • E Cannon

      These two need a couple of hollow points to the forehead.

    • Gregg

      look at the FACE of Walid Shoebat…. you can see lies…FRAUD!!!!

    • daniel saw

      Eric Allen Bell and his bitch got their ass kicked!!!

    • daniel saw

      God bless Walid and Theadore Shoebat……..Keep up the good work as long as you can till Jesus Christ comes back himself to eradicate the evil that's in this world!

    • Aron Aronite

      Iam shocked. Walid Shoebat a decade ago made an impression that he was Leaving ROP becos it was full of Hatred and Violence and Bigotry. Now it looks like he swapped one kind of bigotry for the other. Anyways India is not some Palestine territory or Gaza for shoebats to 'invade'. They are welcome- we will crush them like cockroaches.

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