Kurdistan is a historic, geographic, and cultural region in the Middle-East wherein the Kurdish people are the majority. Kurdistan is not an independent country, but there are two autonomous Kurdish regions in Northern Iraq and Syria. However, most of Kurdistan is located in the East- and South-Eastern Turkey and North-Western Iran. Especially these parts are of great historic importance; not just to the Kurds, but to the entire world; Kurdistan is ground-zero of history.

This video is about some of the most important cities and sites in North-Kurdistan. Not all cities and historic sites are represented; that would be impossible. But this is, by far, the most comprehensive introduction to “Bakur” currently available. In time, Kurdish Heritage will publish Part II and Part III, featuring the cities and historic sites of East, South, and West-Kurdistan (Rojhilat, Basur and Rojava).

The Turkish state has plans to deliberately destroy some of the ancient sites featured in this video, such as Heskif (Hasankeyf). It will be submerged in 2018.

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“Raghs-e Atash” by Ardeshir Kamkar