I know we are anxiously waiting for justice to be served on the corrupt individuals involved. Trump and his Pentigon Pedophilia Task Force are battling something far more sinister than COVID-19.

Some may already know, but the ones who dont. It is being stated via the MSM (and basically everywhere online) that they have set up tents in the middle of Central Park as room for overflow from COVID-19. That is not what those tents are for, you dont set up tents in the middle of a swampy park and have stock piles of Neonatal Ventilators.

The Pedophilia rings, Human Trafficking and Satanic Cults, are more horrific than one can imagine. The Pentogon Pedophilia Task Force have found thousands of human trafficked children ages 3-17 and are being brought up from under the ground bunkers of Central Park. Thousands of these children have been held captive for crimes against humanity, used as sex slaves, Adrenochrome production, killing and selling of their organs and more. Some children are so badly deformed from where thier eyes and ears didn’t develop from not seeing light and have been in the dark thier entire life. The Taskforce is struggling to get the Ventilators underground to rescue them. Arrests have and are being made. Child Protective Services and Police Officers are involved.

Can we please come together as Americans to end Child Trafficking, Pedophilia and Satanic Cults? We must do anything we can to save these poor children and help justice be served on these evil people! Please spread the word and do not trust anyone with your children!Please watch the videos below and visit this mans website to watch all the other videos that reveal so much more corruption.



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