13 replies to "Trump full Christmas address 2017"

    • Vincent Rivas

      Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Everybody do The Trump Pump

    • Blessed Mother

      Woot woot! Go Trump for this address! Thank you Jesus!!! =)

    • tiborvivi

      God bless you, President Trump and your family! And MERRY CHRISTMAS for you and for the Good People on Earth! I don't care about hamukka, kwanzaa or any crap like that, I am White, European Christian and I have CHRISTMAS, I love JESUS CHRIST, I believe in and fear GOD. I will boycott stores with "happy holidays, season's greetings" signs and will LOUDLY say: Merry Christmas! to the cashier after shopping.
      M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

    • Tracey ivy

      Next mission….Get Santa to pledge Loyalty then fire Mrs Clause

    • RAKTAR

      i didnt like him, but if he means what he says i guess i have change my opinion …

    • jaime astacio

      Thank you Mr.President we love you and your whole family Merry Christmas & and Happy NEW yEAR !

    • Carmen Searfoss

      Thank You Mr. President and beautiful family! May God Bless you and your family

    • Vladimir Ilyushin

      Don't know why but I picture that famous boy (with eyeglasses + yellow safety jacket) screaming: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!!!

    • YYADAV229

      Movie Africa Kala Jadu
      पृथवी की जनसंख्या जानती है कि देश में जनसंख्या को धोखा दिया जा रहा है देश की जनता जानती है कि देश में जमीन ओर जल है ओर सब इनकी रक्षा करना चाहते है लेकिन नेता ने झूठी किताब छापकर बच्चो को फंसाकर मारने की साजिश की है क्योकि जनसंख्या झूठी किताबो को पढती रहेगी ओर नेता कालाधन ओर औरतो से काला मुहं करते रहेगे
      दुनिया की सारी संसद झूठी साबित हो जायेगी दुनिया के सभी राजपाठ तथा राजसिंहासन खत्म हो जायेगा
      दुनिया की न्याय की सारी तराजू टूट जायेगी
      जब शुरु होगा काल जादू इस जादू में न्याय ओर इंसाफ है जो व्यक्ति पृथवी पर एक नंबर का ईमानदार होगा वो काल जादू की शक्ति को प्राप्त करेगा जिस जादू का नियम जादू कालजादू है जिसमें अनन्त शक्ति ओर अनन्त धन खजाना हीरा सोना चाँदी है
      Movie Africa kala'e Jadu Prithavi's population knows that in the country the population is being deceived, the people of the country know that there is a ground water in the country, but the leader has plotted to kill the false book serialised the children because the population is false The book will remain padhati the leader ill on the side trained black
      The whole world Parliament will prove to be false that all the Rajpath and Rajasinghasan of the world shall break all the scales of the world's justice when it begins the spell is justiceed towards justice in this magic, the person who will be honest of a number on the Prithavi will attain the power of the time magic Magic is the rule of magic Kaljadu in which eternal power is the eternal riches treasure Diamond Gold Moon

    • capone70

      Oh, man….this was bad. "A mother, a father, their baby son"??? Trump really doesn't understand Christian theology 101. It's clear Melania is neither Christian, let alone Catholic…but could Trump not have at the VERY least run this speech by ANY Christian in the white house??? It's like he's just streaming a bunch of words and phrases together he has picked up without understanding them. Confirms everything I suspected.

    • George Card

      Trump for emperor for life. Feliz Navidad

    • anonimus

      thanck you Tramp and Melania!! Merry Christmas!!

    • Philo Logos

      GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA ! May God protect Pres. Trump and vanquish those who spin lies against him and show great disrespect for the American voters who voted for him. Pres. Trump recognizes the supremacy of God and the sacred dignity of the human person. What a man! And First Lady Melania is his great counsellor and confidante. God bless Melania Trump the only decent and noble First Lady that America has ever had for a hundred years.

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